Please restore the ability to have the VFR Map save it's last position when opened

I think this ended w/ the last patch because from Day 1 when I use the VFR Map I resized and moved it to the upper left corner of the display and it retained this position always. Now it opens up at about 1/4 of the way from the left side of the display and I need to move it each time. User control of things like this are a good idea I feel.


I’ve had some flakey problems with the window positions getting saved correctly but I think I figured out a workaround:

  • If you simply reposition a window and then close it and open it back up, the new window position is NOT saved.

  • If you reposition a window AND resize it (even a tiny bit), then close and re-open the window, the new window position IS save.

At least this seems to have worked for me. The trick is to change the window size a bit to force the save. Hope it works for you as well.

Excellent thanks for that. It may well be that this is exactly how it’s always been and I failed to recognize it was my resizing that created the saved position initially, and the patch reset this routine. I’ll try it next time up.

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Well, no joy with resizing and repositioning, closing/reopening MSFS and having the VFR map retain its position.

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