Please rework autopilot and avionic systems

On almost each update, the autopilot systems for almost all planes gets new flaws, errors, fails. Each time, the community has to work the kinks out… for the next 2 weeks. I am afraid of each update now, dropping tears for loosing my working installation for the next few days, until the workaround are there.

It is my guess, that Asobo, since MSFS is their first entry to the Flight Simulator world. made an unhandable spaghettis software stack for the avionics and autopilot systems and therefore each time make new and old errors in each update. They often break things, that already worked without doing some notable progress on another place.

I specifically do not mean, when new things are implemented with an update, that there can not be errors. This is normal and should be resolved with the next patch. But often nothing changes, but new errors are introduced. And often errors that are long gone, seems to be reactivated. Newest example: the return of screens shutting off, what is an avionics problem.

So, please Asobo… with so many things you showed us already, that your programmers are no idiots and know, what they do. But with avionic systems… admit, that these systems are broken by design, mostly because of your unexperience with these systems. Admit it, tell us you are reworking from ground up these systems and that this will take some time, but be done.

Most simmers will accept this and understand. So you would not have to do a “SimUpdate” that does not resolve the big issues with the flight systems, but introduce new old bugs instead. Take Windows as a warning: if the code is chunky and broken by design, not even billions of programming hours will ever make it secure or work without flaws. Patches makes more troubles than good. That is Windows normal… but not FS normal, please.

Please Asobo… work with Microsoft… but are not Microsoft. Do not become a second “windows team”.

Thank you

As you may be aware, the Working Title Team has been one of the most popular Modifications to improve Autopilot and Avionics systems on the Garmin equipped planes in MSFS.

They have now joined the MS-Asobo team in a formal partnership, which means those previous volunteer efforts will now become a full-time dedicated improvement to the core simulator. In the meantime, they will continue to provide their Open Source and frequently updated changes to the general public.

Please see the announcement thread for more details. And if you’ve not tried the Working Title Mods before, I encourage you to do so - it so greatly improves the immersion and experience of the sim.

That is good news. I hold the working title mods in high regards.

Can only help us all.