PLEASE schedule 2 full hours for the next Live Dev Q&A- Technical topics only

PLEASE!!! Two full hours to give the Dev Team ample time to explain the current state of development and what the plans are for moving forward. Core Sim topics like CTD, Installer issues, VR, weather, flight model, optimization work, DX12, Aircraft bugs, Aircraft systems, testing procedures going forward, etc. To give the more “Core Simulator focused” crowd a chance to get caught-up on the “Sim For Simmers” aspect of Development. We can ask the folks who are into this kinda stuff to contribute more ideas for this section. I know that actions speak louder than words, but at this point, it will be healthy for the Core Sim Community and GREATLY appreciated.

Please schedule a separate Live Dev Q&A for content, 3rd Party developer progress, Community Events, etc. The folks who aren’t really into the Core Sim aspects can watch/participate here, so NO ONE IS LEFT OUT. They can ignore the other Q&A if they choose, and vice-versa.

Specific topic/area focus for both groups. The need to do this is based on time. The amount of time needed to get a comprehensive update or level set.

Please consider this request.

Thank you.


i guess we need only 2 topics and 10 minutes. CTD and SIM downgrade. thats what i see is most important in this forum

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Any link to watch?

I find this a very good idea.

If I may suggest, for the Dev Team Q&A, I’d very much like Jorg to leave his place for Lionel instead.

DISCLAIMER: the above is not any expression of any lack of appreciation for any individuals cited.

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Yeah, ‘trailer’ for the previous world update (ffs release that thing BEFORE the wu takes place), the next world update announcement, announcements for new aircraft, third party announcements, … It’s eating up about 30 valuable minutes of the merely 60 minute Q&A.


While they are at it, have a separate QA for xbox and one for VR, since not everyone cares about VR. PLEASE just stop jeez, now this community is just out of control.

We have planned to make the entire stream between 1.5 hours and 2 hours - the first 30ish minutes on updates/what’s coming and the last hour to 1.5 hours on Q&A only since we haven’t had a chance to stream in awhile.