Please send Pyreegue your thoughts and support

This message may possibly be deleted, but I feel that it needs to be posted.

Many of you likely know Pyreegue, the development team from Ukraine who have made some of the best airports for the sim to date.

With what happened today, I fear for their safety, and my thoughts are with them. I haven’t seen them post anywhere for the past ten days.

Please send them your thoughts and prayers, and if you haven’t yet, purchase their airports. Every little bit helps, and I can definitely recommend them for their quality and attention to detail. They’re absolutely some of the best.

We should not forget that while we enjoy the simulator, some of our own have their lives and freedom threatened. Please be safe.


Thoughts and prayers with these guys :pray::pray:


Their Twitter account just liked a tweet, so at least someone among them is safe and has some access to the internet. I really hope they’ll be ok.


Posting to draw extra attention to the Staff Note at the top of this thread in case anyone scrolled past it without reading:

Staff note: the Microsoft Flight Simulator forums are not the appropriate place for political discussion and debate. You may express your support for members of the flight sim community, including players and 3rd Party Developers, who are directly impacted by the conflict, but any posts of a political nature will be removed.


I will reach out to Pyreegue, I did not know they were from the Ukraine. Thanks for sharing this. Hoping all of this ends soon with minimal innocent lives lost :frowning:


Wasn’t aware they were from Ukraine I have both Glasgow and Edinburgh airports and they are some of the best in the marketplace. Hope they and there families are safe


I’ve got a friend in Kharkiv. He’s also a MSFS developer. I don’t want to say his name though, because I don’t know how long this ■■■■ is going to go on.

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. May they resist illegal occupation of their homeland.


I rank personally Pyreegue as the nr 1 dev when it comes to third-party airport’s. Incredible talented and always communicating and giving great support.

Their Edinburgh and Glasgow are masterpieces (and available on Xbox too), but can also recommend their portfolio of Ukraine airport’s.

Thoughts and prayers with them and all of the people of Ukraine, I got friends and colleagues there myself :cry:


As others have mentioned in light of recent events, I want to thank Pyreegue Development Co. for their excellent airports and support of MSFS. As @Abriael has mentioned, they have created some of the best airports for the sim to-date.

Purchase their airports, think about them and keep them safe. Everyone be safe out there, enjoy the sim, and know the lengths these developers go to provide to us great products.


I got Edinburgh this morning by them and have to say its 2nd to none absolute quality and to show my support to them I will also get glasgow


My thoughts are with them and their families.
Found out i already purchased all their products for MSFS. They make great scenery.


My thoughts and prayers for these guys and all of the people involved . They are wonderful developers and we’re here for them as a community anytime they need us .


I have just purchased all remaining airports from them that I didn’t own already. Please, if you choose to do the same if it’s within your means of course, purchase them from Orbx Central not the sim marketplace. While I generally prefer marketplace, Orbx is waiving all profits and sending 100% of the cost directly to the developers in Ukraine.

I wish there was more I could do.



Wow I didn’t know they were from the Ukraine. There’s actually quite a community of Ukrainians here in Scotland so I wonder if that was part of their connection for choosing to do Edinburgh and Glasgow airports? In any event they’re probably the best two airports I’ve yet seen in FS2020 so my thoughts are with those guys and indeed everyone from Ukraine at the moment.


Interesting. I found the announcement for that. There are other developers on there, too, that I wasn’t aware were Ukrainian:


Dear Community,

today i performed a flight to Lwiw or Lemberg (ICAO: UKLL). I was wondering, if this airport is available in the Marketplace. And it is! Looking great so far. The development team “Pyreegue Dev Co.” is a part of “Orbx” and actually from the Ukraine. They confirmed it recently on Facebook.

Could we start something big and buy the airport like there is no tomorrow (17€)? Wouldn’t that be a great support for them? Could we also tell people outside of this forum. Some news pages, popular Youtubers, and so on?

What do you think?


I pray that peace will come to Ukraine.

The best to Pyreegue and all in the wonderful country that is Ukraine.


Chatted with my friend at Northern Sky Studio just a bit ago. He and those with him are safe for the time being, but there are Russian troops in his city. (Yes, I’m leaving out a bunch of details.) I try to check in with him a couple of times a day. We’re 12 hours off from each other, so the times work out for us.

Please, if you are a fan of the global flight simulator development community and can afford to, consider purchasing some of their products and / or donating to one of the organizations gearing up to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

Their spirit and tenacity since the start of this invasion are inspiring. I am not a religious person, but I think of my friend and the people of Ukraine often.

“Every disadvantage has its advantage.” I hope this translation is somewhere near correct.

Кожен недолік має свою перевагу


Been trying to decide what airports to get next. I’ll now be adding to my collection from these guys and any other Ukranian developers out there!


Just bought Glasgow so now I have all their MSFS products. Edinburgh and Glasgow are truly masterpieces and the others are a treat too.

Hope the crew at Pyreegue are coping with the situation and look forward to more great products when they are able to work again. All the very best.