Please separate marketplace ratings for Xbox and PC

Add-ons continue to perform very different on Xbox and PC. Sometimes there are bugs on one platform but not another or PC mods not available to Xbox may elevate the product.

A good example is the CS 777 which has some free improvement mods on PC not available to Xbox. I would assume this affects user ratings.

I appreciate allowing written reviews costs overhead to moderate. In the absence of written reviews, can the ratings for a product on PC and Xbox in the marketplace please be separated?

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Aren’t third party mods and add ons reviewed separately anyway?

No - you might be thinking of Xbox certification process which does not appear to have anything to do with quality control.

User reviews are all lumped into one and it is just a 1-5 star rating system. So if something is on PC for several months it can rack up good reviews. Then it gets released on Xbox and may have serious bugs but it still appears to have a good rating.

My point was that since you talked about third party add ons and mods may elevate the game or may work differently on pc and xbox, for example be buggy on one platform and not the other and this affecting the overall review. My question was more specifically, isnt the core sim and its add ons reviewed separately? The third party add ons shouldn’t be lumped in with the core sim reviews in the first place as this is mostly user created.

I think you are confused. This is in regards to the in game marketplace. I updated the title to be more specific.

But I also believe that to think that PC users don’t consider mods and their availability when reviewing the full game is a bit naive. A journalist’s review, sure, but I am always weary of those because there is generally a behind the scenes relationship creating bias even if none is intended in the review.

yeah probably, im sorry

No worries, that is why I updated the title!

I’ve voted. I think this is an important distinction, and well worth implementing. I think it will attract some devs who are worried about compromising the scoring they’ve achieved from the PC product, due to the current compatibility uncertainty that the Xbox brings with it.

This will help address bugs/improvements as it will be easier to differentiate and therefore fix platform related issues .

I feel MS will not have much appetite for such a change they might feel it’s a visual admission of the different experiences people have between platforms. We’ll see.