Please stop automatically bumping old threads

See title. Bumping old posts serves no purpose except to distract from current issues. If a discussion is over, it’s over.


I’ll leave this here and let the irony sink in.

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Not really ironic since the issue is still happening. Irony is message below saying “This topic will close a month after the last reply”

There was significant user feedback requesting that #self-service:wishlist items be auto-revived. This was a good compromise since Code of Conduct prohibits Solicitation of Voting, so this brings older WL items back into focus so any readers who might not have known about it could have the opportunity to weigh in and votes.

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But the bot is reviving non-wishlist items

Can you please link us some of those posts? The bot should only bump wishlist topics…

I’ll see if I can. I think I muted the threads that were annoying me. Any way to un-mute?

It even bumped a post that was nothing but promoting a political agenda.

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