Please stop releasing World Updates & Paid Marketplace Items

Per title, please stop releasing paid marketplace items and world updates until the game-breaking performance issues and high priority bugs have been addressed.

They are working on game performance and all bugs/issues hand-in-hand along with the updates.

This isn’t a novice dev team - they know what they’re doing👍


I don’t know if that would have the desired effect, you’re looking for…

The paid marketplace items are developed by third-party developers. These developers have signed up through the Microsoft Partnership program and can submit work to be made available to us through the marketplace. They do not work for Microsoft or Asobo, they cannot be tasked with bug fixing or feature improvements within the simulator.

While Asobo works on World Updates, probably on integrating the moving parts, those moving parts are sourced through a verity of external orgs including but not limited to:

  • Bing
  • World governments
  • Mapping organisations
  • Blackshark AI
  • MS Addon developers

Again, these external partners are not Asobo employees, so their ability to work on other elements of the simulator is extremely limited.

Appreciate the response and the level of detail. I do understand this, but from a user perspective it can be very frustrating to see world updates at 26GB which can’t be bypassed when we’re struggling with the basics. I think users would rather spend that time downloading more regular bug fixes.

ahum, not really true, every update they break some important stuff…so bad quality

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No one denies that they aren’t working on bug fixes and that’s not the point that’s being made.

Wow…which 14 people voted for this topic??


One of the ways some of the updates would be optimized is for the installer to recognize which Optional Components are installed, and only update those. This would reduce the bandwidth, time and wear use.

I had not installed the jets, Lessons, and non-US airports, both as a space saving measure and simply because that’s not where I want to fly After pulling down the 34GB base update, I removed 17GB of components. While this doesn’t address the bugs, it could alleviate some of the anxiety around each update being massive, especially to those users whose Net connections are problematic.

Reality does not work this way. Disregarding all third parties, even only considering Asobo this most likely wouldn’t work because the people working on performance and stability are most likely different ones with different skills than those working on the planes’ flight dynamics or the World Updates. So you can’t simply shuffle them around to other tasks at will. They could even have outsourced the World Updates to some external design studio. Who knows.

I know many have brought this point up in the past, and it has been met with a very valid point, that many of the devs working on the world updates aren’t the same ones working on the other stuff.

Here is where I am coming from.

How about they pause the world updates, as each of these updates seems to mess with other aspects of the sim, taking resources away from groups working on sim development etc. and they can focus on adding the many missing airports from the base sim?

I am shocked that the biggest airports in Istanbul and South Korea are missing or missing runways etc. Brisbane in Australia is missing a runway. So instead or releasing world updates, why not have that group work on adding these airports into the sim, while they go full steam ahead on fixing the flight and performance related issues. We’ve even got an active list going for them, I don’t recall them working on any of these unless it coincides with a world update.

The last patch (hot fix), was a good example of what can be achieved if they focus and concentrate on one thing. I do not believe a lack of skill or resources is the issue plaguing the updates in this sim, rather a lack of focus and direction.

Now, I understand this is a business and XBOX is priority etc, but this could be a good fix for us trying to enjoy and fly the sim since launch. As I have mentioned in the past, I have been spoilt by the look of the game and can’t see myself going back to the others unless they end up partnering with Google or someone of that calibre, therefore, a better update path would make this :kissing::ok_hand:

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There is a Product Vision plan, which outlines features (not public, but implied when you look at the Roadmap slides following every Development Update) and the cadence therein.

The hotfix was exactly that; a game-breaking defect that needed to be addressed sooner than the cadence of Backlog (total work to be performed, not a negative implication).

Airport updates will likely follow Regional Rollouts. But regional rollouts will likely be tied to when Bing Maps is updated with better sat scans, topography and DEM for that region. Without that, there is little value to the effort to update that if it must be revisited again. It’s partly about touching something as few times as possible, see below.

These are all resourcing and implementation choices in a typical Agile Development process. I claim no MS-Asobo insider knowledge, just a little bit of insider baseball from someone who’s lived through the process.

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No. Pausing update is a bad idea. Instead have an insider programme that we can sign into. And we can get these updates around 4 weeks early. Let the insider users to test these updates and report any issues, once they’re fixed then it can be released to the general public and no one will be the wiser.

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Hi Asobo,

Please consider postponing the world updates and focus on providing sim updates for rest of this year. There are a lot of bugs needs to be fixed. So many basic/must have wish list items are pending. SDK improvements for 3rd party developers, so that sim can have study level aircraft’s sooner. Graphic improvements etc…

So many freeware/payware sceneries are already available across the globe for the sim and more and more pouring in every day. Therefore there is no rush for new scenery enhancement or airports now (World Updates). All we need now is a stable sim with very less CTD, reasonable performance, fewer bugs and some basic reasonable wish list items fulfilled. This is my humble request.

If anyone agrees with me, then please do vote for this topic. Thanks and have a great day!.

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Different teams work on the world updates, some of them external companies. I assume most of them wouldn’t have a clue what to do if drafted in to work on the main code. That’s not what they do.

However world updates seem to break many fundamental things too so the fewer the better as far as I’m concerned.

Hmm, if 3rd party is involved for world update then the better option is to combine the world update and sim update together. Of course the update will be huge but at least it can prevent some integration/regression bugs. They can push the release further for a long open beta testing before releasing them. I mean give developers more time to test and fix the issue. Again this is my opinion. I mean they need to definitely figure out a way to give importance to the bugs.

Our team is dedicated to releasing World Updates and Marketplace items side-by-side with core sim updates.