Please support separate rudder left / right axes (in addition to buttons)

Please let us assign separate axes as rudder left and rudder right and have them act as proportional input, not buttons.

This is for gamepads which have dual analog triggers, and also for steering wheel sets which have separate pedal axes.

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I think (im not sure) it’s being worked on. It’s a known issue, ithink, at the very least. Check this out: - Known Issues - (Last modified: 9/2/2020). Under peripherals.

Again, I’m not sure if that addresses your concern though.

I doubt it…It’s a flight sim, not a car racing sim. Go and buy a cheap joystick with twist axis for rudder.

Kind of. They mentioned it as an XBone controller issue, but it really is a general issue. Any separate axes should be assignable to rudder left and right. I’m afraid they’ll just detect the XBone controller for special treatment and ignore all other controllers.

Yeah, i understood none of that lol but if you wanted your feedback forwarded to the team, you could relay it through zendesk.

I use freepie and a custom script to combine left and right pedal of my g920 : it’s fine

Thanks I just did that. It would be such a quality-of-life improvement for so many players.

They are sold out on almost every store!
And we need FFB steering wheel for a car racing sim, shouldn‘t we?

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If only I had the place to put the wheel on the side and use it as the trim wheel (w/o ffb)…

That’s a cool idea. I would also repurpose a handbrake lever as flap lever, like on small Pipers.

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