Please talk about icing

You have previously acknowledged that the icing is too severe and you were planning to improve upon this. Please share your plans and progress regarding this issue.

And to add to this. Icing occurs without atmospheric icing conditions sometimes, also in dry snow down to very low temperatures where there is basically no moisture in the air. It seems like it does not take into account relative humidity, droplet size, static and ram air temperature etc. Its just a severe icing ON / OFF switch.

Visually the icing looks like the aircraft has been parked overnight in freezing fog, it looks like frost not like rime or clear ice. Inflight icing does not look like that at all, apart from some flowback with SLD ice forms on frontal surfaces and not on the side of the fuselage, cabin windows, cockpit side windows, side of the vertical stabilizer or on top of the wing.

I don’t know if it is the case with all the aircraft but I noticed on the TBM that when turning the windshield heat on it does not only de-ice the windshields but also the cockpit side windows and cabin windows. First of all those won’t pick up ice in flight, and they aren’t heated so windshield heat should have no effect.

Currently it is more a nuisance than it adding realism to the sim, if there are no improvements planned short term, please add an option to turn it off completely, both performance wise and visually,


Agreed. It ruins it in vr as I cant fly into clouds…

In the CJ4, even with the wing anti-ice on, there is still ice accumulation on the leading edge of wings almost instantly, and it never goes away.


Same as 787 or even every aircrafts in this ‘Game’.

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And especially if you have such severe icing. It should also affect ground handling.

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The icing in an absolute abomination in the sim. It needs to be fixed or allow the user to disable it.

That´s true, but like written before only a “visual” effect…Anti-Ice is working, which can be seen with the general performance of the plane.
Depsite that, also a very interesting effect is happening when flying at high altitudes, or in dry cold air called: sublimation :slight_smile: there are sometime spots on a plane, which are not sufficiant supplied with Anti-Ice, so there´s still some ice accumulation, which will stay there for a while, until the sublimation effect will take it off.

Until they make it more realistic I would welcome an option to turn off the visual effect as well

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I don´t care about icing on the airframe, this does not cause any negative effects, but I like to have clear view out of the window :joy:, so +1 for ice free windows

Absolutely, even if it’s just visual, I would still like the ice to go away on the leading edges etc when I switch on the anti-ice. It’s a basic principle unfortunately they can’t seem to get right!

They really should have left it to begin with. The implementation we see is more annoying than immersive in my opinion. I also give those ammunition that say that it’s just a game not a sim. When I look at the way ice spreads on the plane it really does look gamish as there is no physical logic behind it. We all know they released the whole thing too early but it’s been 5 months now which is plenty of time to at least tweak it a little. Unfortunately they have not touched this at all so I think it’s fair to request a statement on this.


hi everyone, I posted a turn around to this bug here

hopes this help you guys

Flew in moderate icing today (in real life) and apparently even severe icing forecasted as a SIGMET released while already airborne. Some ice on the leading edges, not very significant. I’m sure in MSFS we would have been an ice-cube before even reaching the runway :joy:.

There is a key command to turn it off.

Icing: It won’t be brought in the next sim update – We are going to improve this. We are going to bring
a system in which you will be able to tweak the system if the visual effect is too strong.