Please throttle back CPU/GPU usage unless actually flying

I noticed that during all UI startup screens and when downloading the first release that all 8 cores of my CPU and the boost frequency for my RTX2070 were at max even when I was not actually flying. It uses way too much energy and also heats up the room. Please choose a non3D graphics mode and add a small Sleep() command (10 msec or so) to reduce usage.

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Hi there! FS2020 has been known to run inefficiently while on the loading screen or main menu. Many simmers, including myself, have resolved this by restricting the FPS for “FlightSimulator.exe” via NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Graphics Options to 30fps, 60fps, or any custom variable which has both sped up loading times and nearly eliminate thermal throttling.



Wow I just set a FPS cap for 90 and it trimmed 50 seconds from my launch time. My GPU is still pegged while in the menu though.

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This is mostly normal. The main menu has a lot of textures, content, and the hangar and airplane in the menu’s background is fully modeled, rendered and ray-traced at real time. My RTX 2070 Super also runs at 98-100% which is normal. Anything using ray-tracing will likely cause a higher RTX GPU load.


I use an RTX 2080 ti and 32GB of RAM I upgraded to specifically FOR MSFS 2020. I don’t give a rip how fast my hardware runs in the sim - that’s what I bought it for.

“Too much energy” - c’mon, dude. I PAY for the energy I use, and I don’t mind doing it - it’s MY money.

I am having permission problems (even though I am the Administrator) with adding FlightSimulator.exe to the Nvidia CPL list. Any ideas?? Thanks much for the tip!

Dave W.

Hey, we’re having a super heatwave here in California - I don’t want my PC to overheat!

I used MSI afterburner and RTTS.