Please tone down the red in every sunset or sunrise with clouds

The red is to cartoony. It should be more pink to be realistic.

Every sunset looks like erie i love it


I wonder for how long will people love getting exactly the same colors in every single sunset.
It is very cool to start but eventually the wow factor fades and it will get repetitive.
I also wonder why the developers din’t randomize the effect to provide more variation and realism, a tad more pink, less saturated, sometimes a little purple, more orange, etc.

It also puzzles me why the default colors/sunsets in Xplane11 are so dull if you can just change them to MSFS-Wow in a few lines of code. You can’t fight against success or can you?

So many questions so few answers…


Please do NOT tone down the colors of the sunset!


not the sunset -the sunset is great the red is insane and over the top when a few clouds are in the sky. RL is more purple not blood red


No, it isn’t. I really hope they don’t make it purple.

We get this 1) but it should be more purple-ish 2)


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Colour of the sunset depends on LOTS of factors. Season, Clouds, TYPE of clouds, pollution, humidity and etc. To be honest sunsets are fine in FS and not as red as you posted, at least not oon places I’ve been to.


thanks for explaining that. my hometown sunsets are some of the best in the world, i love the sunset color takes me home lol

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No…please don’t…we have some spectacular sunrises and sunset here in FL I rather find similar to real life…


Could we tone down the red in the clouds during sunset and sunrise? Its not very realistic. Also can we tone down all the street lights on every highway. Most highways in EU don’t have street lights. Also flying in ICELAND looks a little silly with every highway lite up like is the 405 in California at night. Still the best flight sim the world has ever seen :wink:


Welcome to the forum @S1oppyTuna
Yes, i think it could be a nice idea, but i live in italy, and here we have street light in the highways… so i agree only for the sky color! :blush: :wink:

I wrote a suggestion to them precisely with this.

Even tertiary roads have lights in FS, and that makes no sense in real life, it’s very annoying!

2020-09-29 20_35_29-Microsoft Flight Simulator -|690x388

Here really minor roads all over the countryside have lights. I hope they change that. Only roads not far from cities, IMHO, should have lights. Between cities it’s rare unless it’s within a metropolitan area. At least in Spain where I live


IRL not every sunset in every corner of the World look the same. In MSFS they do.


true, but dont take away my sunsets because its not realistic where you are flying…fix the dynamicness if anything, but dont tone it down globally. weve already had too much “dumbing down” of visual quality globally for unique non-realistic instances

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I think in MSFS, sunset color is a bit too much and there’s only one “sunset” process with clouds

  • clouds turn yellow, then red, then dark purple, then dark

Actual sunsetting process is rarely like this, especially for red/purple part. Most of the sunset I have recorded in real life. goes from white -> white with yellow hue -> greyish white with yellow hue -> blue-ish grey -> blue-ish grey

I suspect that in MSFS, there’s a color variable that controls how sun light’s color is casted on clouds. So if sun is red and it’s a bit dark, then cloud turns purple. I think Asobo should change the it for the better.

Some videos and screenshots for comparison. Please notice the clouds in the real footage are never this “colorful”

Example 1 LaBaie_20201020

Example 2 - Lanzatore_20201107

Example 3 - Saipan_20201016


What do you mean?

I don’t live there and these places are from 3 different continents. I just took my time to record using live cam on internet


I am really getting annoyed from the light inside the clouds. Even if there is a thick cloud layer, they’ll be completely red inside. It looks like flying through a fire storm. It’s so far from being realistic.


I really hope MSFS / Adobo are listening to this feedback. Lets keep this thread active. The sky is not ALWAYS red at sunset, but its so “the same” every sunrise and sunset. It would nice to be more randomized in terms of degree of red. I mean its once in a LONG WHILE that in real life you get deep reds at sunset. But we get it almost every night. This is over the top if you ask me. Its like the color of tomato


I would expect this to be a carve-out of 3rd party developer(s) like it was in FSX - there were 5 or 6 outfits making environmental mods for that sim IE REX, GEX etc… This is just a placeholder probably. There will eventually be variety added to this sim in all aspects. Just as with FSX. Wait and see