Please update bing maps. Cities are looking terrible!

Cities may look good from 40.000 ft but not at 1.000 ft. A lot of buildings are missing. Even very famous ones. I wanted to see the kremlin and the baslius cathedral in moscow. The basilius cathedral does not exist in the game!! If you find the place you can recognize the building in 2d (!) on the ground. I think bing really needs new updates. Almost every city on the planet looks like that.


Bro do you really have any complaints about this now? What? In any other simulator there is even approximately the same out of the box, this is a whole ideal world with minor flaws. There are a lot of other problems in sim, but the map does not look like it, just lol


Well I noticed that it is miss or pass. For instance the Washington DC area suburbs are so outdated and dont look great. I wasn’t the one touting that this Bing thing was a true revolution: MS did.


Well “bro”, yes I complain about it. I do understand not every building is in place but they should have added the most famous ones by hand. And then update bing to get a better source.

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the only way those maps are going to be updated is if MS Does it, paying for the satellite imagery from any of the 3 major imagery repositories or actual orbit time to get the imagery with the latest info.

there is NOTHING any of us or even Asobo can do on that part.

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There is a third-party developer that has Moscow buildings that you can buy. Not sure if it has the specific ones you are looking for though.

yes you ar right about that. And I do not blame Ascobo for that. Bing is just a bad map for the sim imho.

Well dang I wish they would do that with my home town. The Grain Elevators are missing

Thats because Bing doesn’t have any buildings! :slight_smile: Biing supplies 3 different levels of surface detail.

  1. Satelite images
  2. Aerial images
  3. Photogrammetry

Buildings are either hand crafted or rendered from which looks at satelite images and renders a building based on the roof details, floorplan, shadow (height), location type etc.

Asobo have taken a different approach to Microsoft with FSX which added a bunch of custom assets to there 8 or so detailed cities. Asobo have chosen to spread there assets globally instead. A lot is missing but they do plan to cover individual regions with World Updates and hopefully more will be added then.

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Thanks. That solves the problem for one city. Unfortunately not for the game in general.

some areas of Bing imagery is onwards of 10-13 years old, yes, they are in need of some serious updating.

MS is not going to use or allow Asobo to use Google Maps, since its a direct competitor to MS Bing Maps. thats just business etiquette.

so for now, we are stuck with Bing Maps with Azure/Blackshark AI.

someene is going to have to get a very large loan or strike up a near impossible business deal with Google before we will ever have access to Google’s world data. which in every aspect is superior to Bing.

Google’s Data is actually 2x the size of Bings, coming in at just over 5PB of Data. so not only would the sim need new stream IP pointers, but the engine would have to be injecting 2x the data resolution.


I honestly think it will. Give it a year or two and there will be very few large cities not touched by some form of DLC update. :crossed_fingers:

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Yes, as always (!) we will have to rely on buying scenery from 3rd parties…

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Photogrammetry cities look pretty good and very representative even down low. You should check some of those out. Think there’s a thread with a list of them floating around somewhere.

Anywhere else is autogen based on satellite photos. Limit to what can be done there.

In any event Bing has rolled out more and more photogrammetry cities as the years have gone on. I’m sure that will continue.

Who wanna look moscow anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


New York’s looks really unrendeard

It was released 4 days ago?!?! Give them chance! I think the scenery looks incredible, never seen anything like it :open_mouth:

The Satellite images are very old (YSCB) - I hope they update them soon.

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Thanks, you are right. Just flew over Rome. Very nice indeed. :+1:

You need to be realistic about this. I looked into Bing maps months ago to realize the Czech Republic I am interested in flying over is way worse than Google maps has so I did not expect any 1to1 representation here. So yes, currently my XP11 installment with tons of addons is slightly better than MFS2020, but non of the three paid weather systems can´t be a real match. Currently, I am flying outside the borders where the coverage is better.