Please update navdata on airac cycle date

Asobo/MS update navdata together with SU or WU but the dates doesn’t match the airac cycle dates and sometimes are very distant like this month where airac cycle was on August, 13 and the next update will happen only on August, 26.

Sometimes, depending on where we fly, there is no much difference but sometimes there is a lot of diference from one cycle to another. This is specially important for those who fly online on Ivao, Vatsim, Poscon, etc

This request, since MSFS has a partnership with Navblue, is to update the navdata on airac clycle dates so we can fly having no problem.


Great news!!! (Sadly not)

MS/Asobo decided to postpone the next update (what would be great if there weren’t so many urgent things they should implement/correct) and now the navdata update is supposed to be like that:

on September, 7 they will update to cycle 2108 that is active since August, 12. On September, 9 the active cycle will be 2109 and there is no defined date for the next update that would update navdata.


Now worries for the gamers!

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Hasn’t MS/Asobo issued separate small Airac updates before? Thought I remembered tiny updates that were “…just an Airac update…”

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I remember one time but I am not sure if there was a small hot fix together.