Please wait... on 73.GB left to install , please help

I am stuck on “Please wait” please help if you know the solution , i can’t download content for my game , anybody help?

The 79 GB update is not out to later this week or next week.

i meant it stopped when i only had to download 73GB out of 91GB from my packages

i can’t download packges which i bought

please :(*

Same thing, I’m stuck at 59.97Gb…

There’s a lot of issues with this and a lot of workarounds, fixes, etc. The list to try is long.

Some of the problems is related to the installer itself. Some related to the server you connect to based on your location. Antivirus stopping it. Windows 10 Firewall stopping it. Running as ADMIN. Disk space issues, VS C++ Libraries, WiFi vs a Wire, USB ports, etc.

Aboso has addressed this and is coming out with a fix.

Check this thread:

And my post in it:

I just installed FS2020. Never played it since it wanted to apply patch It downloads a few MB (not GB) and then says “Please wait…” endlessly. I read up on this, and found that it is not recommended to use Wifi for the patch/update, so I plugged in an Ethernet cable and tried using a cabled connection. Same problem.
I honestly have to uninstall FS2020 and then re-install it? What difference does that make, I have never even played the game!?
I have installed the game on a newly purchased 240 GB SSD, which is in a USB 3.0 enclosure and which I have named/lettered G:/Games. That isn’t the problem is it?

USB Drive - @MotorMuffin4517 posted this after contacting MS:

Other people can chime in how an external USB drive is working for them.