PMDG 737-6/8/900 release

So the Queen of the Skies and “The Spaceship” will be next? Wow that´s awesome news!!

And to answer the thread main question - no I cannot resist getting the 737-900 because the only thing that is better than the 737-900 is the 737 MAX and the 737-400 Classic with the EIS cockpit. :smiley:

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PMDG released an update on upcoming updates as well as other related news.

To me it‘s obvious that the company that provides a high-fidelity 737-MAX will earn fs-record breaking amounts of cash and i wonder why pmdg does not skip 747 and 777 for that goal.
I‘m happy with the PMDG 737ng, the FBW and soon most probably with the Fenix.
Same would apply to A350 and 787.

Perhaps its much easier for them to ‚port‘ 747 and 777 instead of venturing into the types which dominate the present and the future airliner market.

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If I buy any of them, it will be the 800 as I’ve flown in it multiple times in real life. 300 and 200 would also be nice to have some day although I doubt PMDG will be the ones to do them.

I have noticed that almost all developers don´t dare to recreate up-to-date aircraft (probably because their systems are too complex to simulate) and therefore all airliners will probably be stuck forever in the era 1990 - 2000 for a long long time now - because of more simple flight system and avionic screens in this era.