PMDG 737-700 Rudder

Could someone explain to me why the 737 requires so much rudder input during taxi and takeoff? No other aircraft does this.

It does seem a bit light, especially on takeoff. No clue though.

I adjusted the weather preset with zero wind. Found the aircraft had less veer but was still present. Rudder presets were centered.

P-Factor, maybe?

I dont have any issues with rudder input. But just to make sure, check that you dont have seperate tiller axis activated.

Yeah ive double checked everything from the nose wheel steering input, to the tiller axis being activated, to disabling any wind. What i also checked is i took off from runway 06 and found it would pull right, and then took off opposite direction on runway 24 and it pulled the opposite way. It may be that the runway i am departing on is sloped. But i never noticed this in any other aircraft departing on the same runway. Weird…

Do you have a null zone set for your rudder axis? If you don’t try adding one. Spurious inputs from the rudder can definitely cause strange ground handling behavior.

Have they perhaps modeled an older version of the 737?