PMDG 737-800 Flickering Taxi lights and switch, clicking sound

I have posted this in the PMDG forum, but have not received any responses after weeks. So trying here. The title pretty much says it all. The taxi lights (and now other external lights) are rapidly flickering, there is a clicking sound once or twice a second, and the taxi light switch vibrates. If I hold down the right mouse button this all stops. I have nothing bound to the right mouse switch other than the normal camera stuff. If I pull the Bravo USB connector, the sound goes away. I have removed all bindings from the Bravo other than the essentials; flaps, throttle, trim, speedbrake, gear. This does not happen with any other aircraft but not sure that means anything since control profiles are different for each one. Any ideas?

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A couple of updates. First, all the exterior lights are flashing, not just the taxi. And overhead panel exterior light switches are vibrating on and off quickly. Holding the right mouse button down stops the sound while it’s being held down - it resumes upon release. The mouse gestures do not work with a number of the overhead panel light switches either.

And I realized that I had not really tested this with other aircraft since the problem started several weeks ago. So it happens with the default MSFS airliners as well, so not just PMDG. I’ve switched profiles to see if that would change things up. Didn’t help. Does not happen with the 747 or any Airbus or GA aircraft. Unplugging the Bravo eliminates the sound. So I know it has something to do with that, Boeing aircraft and MSFS. It does not do it with X-Plane

But not a clue where to go from here.

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I flew the PMDG737-700 again last night with no problems. Check if you have a mod that interferes

I would go to the Controls Options, and see what commands are activated in the sim when you use the various buttons on the Bravo.
Something does seem to be conflicting.

Yes thanks - as I mentioned in my first post I have done that. I guess I should check to see if another mod is causing the issue.

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And removing all the non-PMDG Community folders/addons did not solve the problem.

Have you tried starting the sim in Safe Mode?
That loads the sim without any Community Folder addons, or any Marketplace items.
If the lighting is OK, you have a mod conflict somewhere.

Ok - after further testing I have determined that the problem (at least today) is only in the PMDG 737 aircraft. I’m not getting it in any others. And I can’t test it in safe mode because it’s a mod, however I have tested it without the other addons in the Community folder and the issue is still there.

After further testing I have determined the following:

  1. The problem only occurs with PMDG aircraft. When it is occurring one or more light switches on the overhead panel are vibrating and clicking, and the lighting is flickering on and off. If the switches are all off then the problem goes away. While the switches are bound to a HC controller, mouse gestures do not work to operate the switches.
  2. The problem goes away if I unbind all external light switches to Honeycomb hardware, and mouse gestures work again with the lights.
  3. The problem persists even when I remove all other addons from the Community folder. So it’s not an interaction.
  4. I have also determined that if the Honeycomb Alpha switches are bound to lights (or perhaps other functions as well - I haven’t tested) many of the switches and rotary dials on the overhead panel will not operate with mouse gestures with the default MSFS Boeing aircraft. So this is a more general issue - not just PMDG, although the external clicking sound, switch vibrating and light flickering does not occur with the default aircraft. I have submitted a ticket to Honeycomb and have also posted on the PMDG forum, although I have not yet submitted a ticket yet.