Pmdg 737 800 (xbox)

Does anyone know if PMDG plan on bringing an Xbox specific user guide out? I’m enjoying this aircraft so much but all the guides or videos on YouTube are pc centric

What would the difference be?

You should find everything you need, here: Documentation. It shouldn’t make any difference whether you’re playing on Pc or xbox. The DC6 tutorials (originally made for pc users) are 100% applicable to xbox. It’s exactly the same plane. (Just without liveries :smirk:)


Thanks guys. I’ve downloaded the PDFs and will read them thoroughly

@BitOfaB4d4zz I’ve bought what liveries are available on marketplace :pensive:

Now to learn this plane and quell my hatred of Boeings

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Google for the fcom of plane and you’l have the full manual for a better understanding of everything works.
Surely a lot to read, as it’s around 1200 pages😊