PMDG 737 Discussion (PC Version) (Part 1)

Me too :DD

Any news about the 737 yet?
Are they plan to also make a 737MAX version or 737-NGXU only?
The 737MAX is an impressive plane with just one little flaw that has already been solved.

Yep, more news from the 7th Aug in the PMDG forum:

“Right now about 75% of the development team’s workflow is dedicated to getting the 737 into testing. We had originally planned to put the 737 into the hands of our beta team around 01AUG, but that timeline went up in flames when we learned through a blog-post that Microsoft had their Performance Plus update coming for the base platform. The new update sort of threw things into chaos around here and we haven’t made the sort of progress we had anticipated in July- but we are beginning to see forward progress on 737 once again and I am just itching to begin the preview process. Not much longer for that now!”

The plane should be in beta any minute now, probably even this week. However, if major issues appear during beta testing, it could be delayed for months, so let’s cross our fingers.


lol, from any minute to months in just 2 sentences. As they say; well that escalated quickly :rofl:

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hahaha I meant the beta!
The closed beta for beta testers should be here any minute now, the official release could be from september to december as far as we know, depending on the severity of issues found during the beta I guess.

That being said, PMDG has stated that once it goes into beta we are going to see more of it.


It’s the NG. Their MAX is almost ready but they are officially licensed by Boeing and would need a “go ahead” from Boeing to do the MAX because right now it’s a bit of a sensitive issue. I am gonna guess it will be a couple of years before the MAX happens. Right now the only high-fidelity MAX for any sims is for X-Plane 11, which is partially based on Zibo. It’s freeware but it’s up there in terms of fidelity. All native displays and avionics/cockpit.

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Wait they have a Max? I thought it was just the NG 737s they made. Is that something for MSFS or the NG the only 737 they are making for MSFS?

Just excited to have a 737 in the sim possibly by the end of the year.

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They have been developing the Max for a while now and confirmed that it’s almost ready to go but they’d need an OK from Boeing before they could put it out. For now, just the NG.


Ok that’s awesome. I was just thinking how neat it be to have a high quality max in the sim with how common they are going to become in the next few years. When it does come I’m going to be flying the United and American Airlines colors so much with it!

At least we have the NG for the sim coming soon that will fill the 737 void in the sim!

There is a huge void to fill with eight more Boeings, and PMDG is the last and only hope for this task.
I am not sure if Captain Sim has serious long-term intentions of really supporting Flight Sim or updating their 777 to study-level.

Captain Sim has no intention of developing their Boeings to any more extent than they already are - a nice visual with default 747 guts. They have numerously stated that this is ALL they want to do.


Hm in this case is PMDG the last hope.

all the airline developers are sticking to x-plane and p3d. this game just isn’t stable enough.

Finally good news! 737 will most likely be shown this month! (September)

"In my last update, I mentioned that we were caught out by Microsoft’s major platform update in late July. We received our testing access for the platform change only about 5 days prior to it releasing to the market- so we scrambled a bit to get the DC-6 to play well with the new platform update and this knocked us off our game a bit. This update made some significant changes to the core of the platform that required a bit of re-work on the DC-6, and that pulled quite a bit of our development time away from the 737, thus slowing that project down unexpectedly. While we have moved resources back to the 737 where we want them, I am still finding that progress is going a bit slower than we would like because the changes brought to the core platform have been a bit challenged, it would seem. We have had to feel our way through a few things trying to determine “is this something we need to change permanently in the 737? Or is this something we should ignore for now because it is a bug in the platform that Asobo will fix later?”

Normally we would simply bounce the questions off Asobo, and we have continued to do so- but this is the holiday season and that has slowed the reply loop. When the sun comes up in the morning, it will be 01SEP and we are expecting that things will speed up readily and that should get us back to moving at normal pace here shortly.

The 737 looks absolutely sumptuous in MSFS and I am pretty sure we will start showing her to you this month…"


Like x-plane and P3D :stuck_out_tongue:
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I am sorry but that is nonsense, tons of airliners are being developed for MSFS, but they need time and a few missing pieces in the SDK.
In 2022 we are most likely gonna see at least 4 new airliners implemented in the sim, two of which will be PMDG’s 747 and QW 787, which are major developers.


I read it this morning too. Very excited about it !

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Nice start to show off in September, possible release in October I hope so.


Flight sims are often unstable purely because of the open Nature. IMHO MSFS is one of the most stable Sims I have used. Of Course those people getting CTD’s would not think that, and that is totally understandable and it is an awful situation to be in when your SIM just keeps crashing. But IMHO and in my experience MSFS has been very stable, probably the most stable CTD’s wise. Also the ongoing and deep system changes do not help!

X-Plane is very stable, but then at times it can be horrifically unstable , As an example, right now for me, no matter what I do, flying the FFA320 will always end in a CTD no matter what! Yet the FFA350
/ 757 / 767 all fine! No rhyme or reason it just dies!

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SOUNDS GOOD … if they start showing it could mean release in 2 months or so :grimacing: