PMDG 737 Discussion (PC Version) (Part 2)


i am flying the pmdg 737 for msfs for about 1 year now. i have about 500 flying hours. but i have a problem

when i start up de plane in cold and dark configuration the n1 and n2 already have numbers. i thing when loading op at an airport my n2 is already at 29% and n1 at 3% don’t know the exact numbers. after lots of lying suddenly the n1 and n2 are not at zero! whit only the battery and grnd power on.

i was looking in the ground maintenance page in the CDU, i saw a “reset eng egt” function. but that didn’t do anything! i bought the pmdg 777 a few days ago. but i have the same problem already!

is it an maintenance problem? or is are something whit my airplane codes?

i really want to make my flight sim as realistically as possible! but something like this can really bothers me!

thank you already.

with regards

Max Acherman!

It might be because the game loads the aircraft with the engines running and then (after it is loaded) switches the panel state to cold and dark.

thank you for your fast reply
that’s possible!
Do you know how I can turn this off?

I don’t think it is possible unfortunately… you can let it sit for a while before flying, this way it will cool down. It is the same with other things in the aircraft - e.g. the cabin temperature will be around 20 degrees (iirc) even if you start it cold and dark somewhere in the desert with outside temperatures above 40 degrees. It will go up within a couple of minutes, but indeed it is quite unrealistic this way.

oh oke!
i will try that!
thank you!

Flight plan load freeze bug. Known to PMDG. Might also apply to 777.

good evening i have version 3.0.93 for pmdg 737-900 then on fly and when i enter the concourse everything is frozen only the cameras work what am i doing wrong thanks

I know all the current fluff is over the 777, but the 737-600 is so much more my cup of tea.

I love doing flights with it that have absolutely nothing to do with actual airline ops. It’s fast, it’s so well done (PMDG, duh!) and really fun to fly.


I also love this particular variant, currently hopping up the Alaska coast Portland, Ketchican, Sitka, Juneau, Anchorage, perfect for these short hops.


the vert stab looks even more gigantic on the -600

It’s a bit exacerbated by the bank angle and perspective of the screenshot, but it does look pretty big.

It does indeed, but if you look at images of the 600 variant, especially those with a tail in certain colour/background combinations, it does look to be rather on the large side.

As you say though, I think the perspective in your image might have been exaggerated by having the tail closer to the viewer than the nose. Maybe a bit like the cows in a famous scene from Father Ted. :slight_smile:

Apologies to anyone that my previous post might have upset.

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I had the same problem. Partial fix is go to settings general data then turn off online data or bing maps, once pmdg is loaded then go back and turn it on again. Also try restarting flight.

I just want to say how much I like the time acceleration feature PMDG has in the 737 and 777. The auto Cruise feature works incredible well. I have limited time in the evenings, and this feature allows me to fly long realistic routes in the sim. Very cool, one of the main reasons why I got the 737 instead Fenix.


Hi Guys,

Got a question for some of the real life 737 drivers out here. How full are are those planes and how does that translate to the max zfw. In simbrief i now configured are united flight from Denver to Anchorage and even with 160 passengers and auto cargo that gives me 86% of max zfw in the fmc. Is that realistic?

Ps: ZFW is 13195 and fuel load is 38075

Hopefully we get the 777 EFB features rolled back into the 737 EFB soon, so the autocruise and time compression will become selectable there. I just did KLAX->NZAA this morning in the 777 in under 3 hrs so yes it makes long hauls possible in a sensible timeframe. The 8x compression on the 777 is just fantastic.

Yes, hopefully so. I also like what they did with the 777s EFB and FMC. Really useful when I can pull the EFB next to the FMC. Makes things go a lot quicker. As far as I know the 737 doesnt have it.

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