PMDG 737 Discussion (PC Version)

Either DH or RA is acceptable. I favor RA because there is less workload.

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Technically, no. Each has a specific use case, as described above. In the sim world however, with no one looking over your shoulder, I agree, the difference is minor.


You need to install the Navigraph Hub app on your PC. It will allow you to update all PMDG products, plus any other add-ons you may have that Navigraph supports. It will also update the core nav data of MSFS itself.

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I’ve suddenly started getting No METAR Available on the UFT when requesting weather. Simbrief download or pull to the tablet works ok. It’s also throwing the same error when requesting weather for the performance calcs too?

Everything else works, Navigraph etc. any ideas why?

Thanks in advance.

Update - could this be related to the METAR outage on Skyvector and VATSIM?

same here, no Metar is actually downloaded in the efb

same for me, but I think it has to do something with this: Live Weather Issues Affecting Users - Microsoft Flight Simulator / News & Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

BR Andy

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If you’re subscribed to Navigrapgh and have opted-in to their emails, they send one out every time there’s a new AIRAC cycle (not minor revisions) to remind you of the new cycle, as well as let you know of new updates to their products. Highly worthwhile, which is a rarity in email these days, lol.

Personally, I make it a habit to cycle through Navigraph Hub, iniManager, Orbx Central, FSDT Instakker etc every few days just to be sure everything is up to date for all my sim products.


Anyone getting a frozen screen, cannot operate any buttons, switches, fmc frozen solid
only efb works.
Any ideas?

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yup had it 2 times allready, complete frozen screen.
Started since last PMDG update


This has happened to me three times since the most recent aircraft update, including once yesterday 4 hours and 26 minutes into a flight from PHNL to KLAX, descending toward the California cost. I’m not sure if it’s the fault of the aircraft, the most recent SU14 Beta, or even recent Windows Updates. But it’s incredibly frustrating.

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Yes, all weather sources seem to be down right now.

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Yeah, looks like it is to do with the update i suspect
Was at gate, would have been really hacked off mid flight
On not on SU14 beta by the way
Hope there is a fix soon :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
FBW A320 seems ok so its definitely pmdg

for me was during a 1,5 hour vatsim flight, after a go-around while changing alt. at mcp

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■■■■■■■■■■■, like the other poster who was on a 4hour flight, that really sucks, i feel for you both

Like i said mine was at gate setting up the fmc via the efb, funny thing was i could exit the sim and retry but after a while , just as i was entering my flight plan -freeze
The only thing i could do though which was equally strange the EFB was working ok , but nothing else i clicked on
The FBW A320 was fine as i switched planes and flew from EGKK to ENGM no problems gate to gate

I had a freeze today on approach after getting traffic in my path with TA/RA active. In the forum they suggest TA only, will try this. Is this another/new type of freeze?


Not sure i always fly TA/RA but will try what you suggested, see if it freezes just on TA
Let me know how you get on please

When I experienced the freeze after 4-1/2 hours yesterday, I was specifically on TA only in an attempt to avoid the freeze. And the time before I was sitting at the gate, had pulled in flight info into the tablet and hadn’t even started prepping the plane really at all, so the transponder was still at its default (Standby, per my usual default panel state).

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Same here i reported this on the forum, restarted sim , no FSLTL or even TCAS, imported simbrief flight plan and metar data

Went to adjust clock and total freeze, this all at gate, something very wrong

EFB is the only thing working , might try not touchibg the EFB and see what happens

Oh another thing sun shades work , but thats it
Weird ???

Edit: went back in didnt touch the EFB at all all buttons switches work

This at gate

Install the Navigraph Hub and periodically check. It auto-detects your installed airplanes and offers AIRAC updates. You can also leave it running in your Windows tray area.

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Did a long flight last night in the 737-800 but this time dd not touch the UFT at all

Imported simbrief, used navigraph on upper menu, had FSLTL, luke air tool and had full TCAS on TA/RA

No problems with freezes at all gate to gate

Now this was only one flight but it very much points to the update of the UFT causing these issues, im just wondering if everyone is using the UFT is experiencing freezing cockpits?