PMDG 737 Discussion (PC Version)

Nope, the active mode will always become IMC in that example. The AIII over to the right isn’t a standby mode, it’s just an annunciation that the conditions are being met for you to select AIII Arm as a standby mode, if you wanted to, by toggling the Stby button until AIII Arm appears. But if you push the mode button in this example, you’ll always get IMC as the active mode.


Ah OK. In the PMDG AIII ARM never appears, if you click STBY it just toggles between VMC AIII and IMC AIII…

The AIII ARM only becomes an option of you have the Auto switch option active.

And I’m pretty sure that if you press mode to swap from PRI to IMC (when it indicates IMC AIII) it does in fact go to AIII mode. Though I will have to check this next time as I’ve closed the sim down for the night. (Early hours here).

In our case we don’t. We always blank the lower screen and don’t use the compact display. This is because any parameter that exceeds a limitation will automatically pop up on the blank screen (vibration, pressures and temps). If we kept it open during the flight we’d lose the popup feature that is so useful for noticing an impending exceedance.

We blank the lower screen right during the before taxi flow and checklist and turn it back on during the after landing flow. If during the flight one of us opens the lower DU and forgets to blank it, if the other pilot sees it they might think “oops, did something happen here?”

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Is the PMDG hydraulics display accurate compared to the one’s on your aircraft? No brake temp displays?

Those are options that vary by operator, and can be selected in the PMDG menus. Our aircraft do not have brake temp or control position displays, so all we have on the lower DU is hyd qty and pressure.

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Makes sense; if you’ve got auto switch off you wouldn’t be able to arm it. In that case, the AIII to the right of the Stby mode would be telling you that AIII is selectable.

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Just seems like the lower DCU is a lot of wasted real estate to simply display a single parameter.

Good info. Question on VMC mode, if you are using that to fly a visual approach, wouldn’t PRI mode be more useful since it has the flight path vector? Or does this mode also have the FPV (I can’t recall)?

Also, do you use the HGS for the entire flight or is it stowed once at cruise altitude?

All HGS modes have the FPV with speed deviation bar and energy state carat. PRI is a little cluttered; I personally like IMC for approaches and landing, but that’s personal preference. Because I like IMC, VMC is good when I want to get rid of the flight guidance. There are folks who never use anything but PRI though (unless required to use AIII). Everyone develops their own techniques.
I personally stow the HUD at TOC and drop it again in the descent, other folks leave it down the whole flight… Just personal preference. In fact in the -700 you don’t have to use it at all (except low vis). In the other variants, it must be down for takeoff and landing for tail strike protection.

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Does your operator have the HUD on the FO’s side? If not, wha’s the procedure when the FO is the PF on a leg?

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Nope, I’ve never actually seen a 737 with a HUD on the first officer’s side; I’m not sure anyone ever certified that configuration. Maybe there’s a BBJ somewhere that has it.
But for us, because the HUD is only on the captains side, any operation requiring its use means that the captain will be the pilot flying. These are specifically low vis operations and most airline procedures would have the captain flying anyway, if it’s a reduced vis takeoff or a landing below cat I mins.
But even when the FO is flying, the CA must use the HUD for tail strike protection during takeoff and landing.

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Are you referring to the new EFB not yet being available on Marketplace? Unfortunately everything for the Marketplace goes through a vetting and approval system within MS/Asobo which takes time and PMDG can do nothing about it. So your gripe should be directed to MS/Asobo.

This is why I never buy any addons through Marketplace if it’s available elsewhere, such as direct from the developers, in this case PMDG.


Yep, I stopped buying addons on Marketplace some time ago. I even ignore sales on there.


Another of those annoying cockpit hangs (737-800) this morning into EHAM (with heavy AI traffic, so likely related, TCAS in TA/RA). All cockpit buttons/levers inop, aircraft a/p left ILS too, but after manually jumping in I could still fly aircraft down, land and taxi to gate.
Everything keyboard binding wise still works. Very annoying bug though, & right on final too. EHAM was very busy though, and using FSLTL traffic.

The same for me. Can’t it be turned off ?

You can’t turn the screen off right now… You can go into settings menu and dim it all the way and that’s pretty good for now.

New updates to the 737 lineup for non-Marketplace PC customers tonight. Read for more info re Markpetplace and XBox simmers.


Have you gotten more info regarding the cockpit freeze?
I only did experience it once, but I seen you mentioned it happened to you several times.

Nope. I made a quick flight tonight and had no issues.

BTW, this is new:

Also, the world map on the tablet now updates the track line when you add departures and approaches to the flight in the FMC.