PMDG 737 Discussion

I’ve been using the free TOPER 737NG calculator on my android tablet, you can find it on the google play store.

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Anything for IOS / windows ?

Ahh thank you !

And 737 NG Drivers videos have been a huge help eh!


Thank you for this- loving this 737 - I didnt realize by selecting differing Airlines you get different formats…ive been using the performance from the PMDG menus after requesting but towards end of flight am getting fuel light so assume i am not in line with the Simbrief plan…Given my limited time (2 young kids)im usually a start on rnwy person and look for everything to be automated for me :slight_smile: but do want to learn more about fuel /weight calculations - but inputting from Simbrief plan instead of from PMDG menus sounds like step in right direction…thanks again- will try it out today

Ah no problem mate. If you’re interested, I also dedicated a solo topic on the weight and FMC-planning with a quickstep to follow. Should alleviate some time-management I think. :wink:


I thought I noticed this morning that switching airline liveries also changed the FMC units from lbs to kg too. Have you noticed this at all? I had seen the cockpit layout differences bdfore but not the units switch. Is there a setting in the FMC per chance that toggles imperial/metric somewhere or is it all set by airline livery? This lbs/kg difference confuses me every time.
I had only recently switch simbrief to lbs output and now after livery switch FMC wants kg format.

You can switch between KG and Libs in the plane’s settings. You can take a look at the documentation if you need more info.


You can change the units in your FMC.
Just get to MENU - PMDG Setup - Aircraft - Displays. On page 9 you´ll find the button for kgs / lbs.


Thank you. But it does seem to flip with some aircraft livery changes which is what throws me the most.

Each livery has its own settings. So the default settings can be different if the creator changed something.


This is not a jump in and fly kind of aircraft, as you have already discovered. I probably have at least 75 hours between pre-flight and actual flight hours invested and I still know that I’m barely scratching the surface of what is to be expected of a RL 737 pilot. But I’m having a blast. I’m also retired and all my kids are out of the house (so that helps tremendously :grin:).

The first time I flew the tutorial it took me almost 6 hours from start to finish and the actual flight time is only about an hour and 20 minutes, so you can see how consumed I was with pre-flight.

Having said that however I have found the plane fairly easy to hand fly and if you start on a runway you can easily get up and down on a short flight in under 30 minutes and still cover many of the basic features.

Learning the FMC has been a real challenge for me and I’m still a long way from fully understanding but it is such a huge part of the immersion.

As far as starting cold and dark I have found this summarized checklist courtesy of British Avgeek to be indispensable in getting the cockpit ready for flight. It can be printed on one sheet of paper (front and back) and covers everything necessary from pre-flight to shutdown.

The FMC not withstanding is another matter. :wink:


And once we are done learning all about the FMC it will be time to implement failure and see how we deal with them… :crazy_face:

I noticed the 737 works really well with the FlightRecorder app. Thrust, reverse thrust, spoilers, flaps etc. everything being replayed correctly :grin:


Gosh I thought I was lossing it at one stage and I thought I was fighting a never ending battle and thought that there was something wrong with my plane and a install issue…
Came to a big relief when I came to the conclusion it wasn’t my system but… When discovering each livery had it’s own cockpit set up (landing lights, hud etc…) the developer must also had set it’s own KG/LBS config that wasnt a state save thing

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If its a NA (+SA?) airline livery expect imperial units. Europe and everywhere else will be metric. Very realistic.

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I was thinking that perhaps European airlines are configured in KGs and American ones in LBS as default. Problem is I was switching between 2 European liveries, one with LBS and one with KGS as default. However, I noticed that the external (European) livery I had installed is defaulted to LBS, but that must be down to either the livery designer or the PMDG livery import process that assigned it to be defaulted to LBS instead of KGS. I can’t remember if there was maybe an option on the livery import process for this. Don’t know.

It’s certainly an added layer of complication to check on the 737. Especially if you have configured simbrief to output in either KGS or LBS as default. It may be worth checking up on if you use 3rd party liveries though.

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Realistic, and quite possibly set up to work fine with PMDG liveries, but it’s the imported 3rd party one(for me) that has ended up being wrong. At least now I will go check first now. Something to be aware of at least. My one imported European livery is defaulting to LBS not KGS which is why it confused me.

FP question.
aftter the simbrief ,I see in the worldmap the right flightplan. once in the aircraft and fmc, I see that an airport between dep and arr is missing and so the plane will not go there.
any idea WHY?

You need to load the flight plan into the world map if you want to hear in game ATC, you also have to load it into the FMC separately to use it in the 737 to navigate with, it does not propagate from the FS world map planner.
Use simbrief downloader to save the .rte and weather files to the correct PMDG directories, you can then use the FMC to easily load them in.
You can of course alternatively enter the flightplan manually into the FMC.

Also the SID and STAR are usually missing from the imported flightplan so you usually manually add the departure runway and SID /STAR and check route for any discontinuities in the FMC.