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Lol I see what you did there.


Same applies to the APU.

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All NG 737’s have a dedicated DC-powered APU boost pump in the number 1 tank that comes on automatically when the APU is started, so there is no need to operate the main boost pumps to supply fuel to the APU.

01/26/2023 How little seriousness.

I recently have the problem that my fps go into the low 10s as soon as I switch to the exterior view or the drone camera. When I switch back to the cockpit view the fps recovers immediately and I have my normal 30+ fps. Does anyone know what might cause the issue? I don’t have that problem with other planes. And I never noticed such an issue before with the 737. Might this be a bug in the latest update from PMDG?

What’s your rig…interested cos I’m on the fence for the same reason

i5 9400f / nvidia 1660 / 16gb ram

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People are reporting an update to the existing models in the PMDG Ops Center. Working now and can’t check myself. No release notes yet over at the PMDG Forums.

EDIT: yep, 108 - 138MB updates across the board for the -600, -700 and -800, all to version 3.0.59. Also several updates to -700 and -800 United liveries.

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Cheers…very similar spec so gives me confidence :+1:t2:

Quasi same specs for me and yes it’s really working fine.

New version 3.0.59 is out. Only 139MB or so in size for the update. No release notes yet.

I already posted this an hour ago, only a couple posts up. :wink:


no details though :wink:

As many details as your post, mate. :wink:

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What have you found so far regarding the latest update? Any bugs thats gone, anything fixed that youve noticed…anything? Just curious… =)

Patience is not strong in this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Has it ever been? Going to update I get an error that says installation was aborted and a downloaded file has failed an integrity check. Ran both as admin and without.

Can’t say I’ve noticed anything different yet. About to go fly it.

For me it is 3.0.60

Holy heck, another point update just now, to 3.0.60. Weird.

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