PMDG 737 download won't complete

After months of thinking about it, I bought the PMDG 737 today through the MSFS marketplace, paying on my Steam account. I started the download while still on the Steam app, or wherever I was after I completed and authorized the purchase. The 737 started downloading but after some hundreds of megabytes downloaded, returned to zero and started again, and again, and again. I finally canceled out of that abortive process and saw a message to go to my content manager, which I did. Same thing happened again. I have never run into this before. I don’t think the problem’s on my end; I have a very fast broadband connection. Is there a fix for this? Could this be a temporary problem on PMDG’s end? And what’s my recourse if all else (whatever that might be) fails, other than disputing the Visa charge?


We ask that people not use General Discussion for help, advice, or troubleshooting. I have moved your post to Tech Talk, where you can discuss installation issues.

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