PMDG 737 Freezes After Going Into Menu

I bought the PMDG 737 yesterday and I needed to go to the options menu mid flight by pressing esc, after I got out of the menu, everything is frozen. I can still move my camera around like normal and the screens on the plane will change aswell. But I can interact with anything, and plane isn’t moving. I’ve only had this problem with the PMDG 737. Its like its in active pause, but it isnt.

For specific questions on third-party aircraft, we encourage users to use the Third Party Addon Discussion > Aircraft category. I have moved your question there.

I have done that a number of times without that happening. Anytime something goes wrong crazy I restart the pc. So not sure if you tried that.

I consider myself fairly fortunate that I don’t have a lot of problems with the simulator functioning on my PC in general terms.

However there are times, which I have absolutely no way of knowing what is the cause, where things just don’t work out. I’ve had a few sim freeze ups and the only way out is Ctl-Alt-Del into Task Manager and kill the program. The other day I had three consecutive CTD’s before even getting into a cockpit. In times like this I just re-start the computer as RF5468 stated above and usually things work fine from there. Until they don’t, but it’s not often and a restart always seems to make things better.

This issue is known to PMDG.