PMDG 737 Nose Wheel Steering Problems


I have some problems with the PMDG 737. I can’t move my Airplane without pressing the right Mousebutton. If I release the Mousebutton my Airplane stops.
Can somebody give me instructions how to fix it?
I don’t understand the instructions in the PMDG manual.

“We strongly encourage 737 users to disregard the MSFS NOSE WHEEL STEERING axis input when operating their 737 and instead assign their desired steering tiller hardware to the PROP_1_AXIS until we have had a chance to get the proper documentation of these MSFS changes and implement them to correctly simulate the interlinked steering capability of the 737.”


There are so many things that could be contributing to your problem and without specifics it is impossible to help you. My first thought is that you have a keybind issue that is causing this. A brake hold or something similar on another peripheral.

As far as the MSFS NOSE WHEEL STEERING is concerned I would not even mess with that. There is little chance that it is the cause of your problem.

Hi @HeadiKanone. I am sorry to see you are having an issue. I agree with @danzio56 that you likely have a binding conflict with your RH mouse button. I also suggest you post your issue over at PMDG’s official forums where in-depth technical support is available.

I think what they are saying is to not use a tiller axis to steer until they get documentation to define some issues they are having in dual control (tiller + rudder). Use rudder axis for steering.

The PMDG forum is not a technical support forum, it’s “just” a user-to-user forum. Official support goes through tickets at, seperate support account is required. Anyway, I am sure there is a control binding conflict as suggested.

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I got the same issue. And its definitely not a control binding conflict…

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