PMDG 737 outside view altitude differs very often. Known bug?

Just see the pics.


I realized this since I use Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant.

Probably a Honeycomb Bug. HDG was 076 via Honeycomb and it shows 325 at copass in top left corner of screen but aircraft still hold/fly 076.


Hi, the screenshot shows the aircraft is following a GPS track and not a HDG track. Top left shows a hdg track of 323 dgr. but the plain follows the GPS track of 74 dgr. Switch off the GPS mode and the switch to heading

I believe the PMDG uses different variables (“Simvars”) than other aircraft, so the values you see in the external mode are incorrect. (I’m assuming you mean the MCP set altitude vs. the “blue” altitude seen in the external instrument view.)

Right but HDG at compass (pic1) is 323° and in plane it’s 74°. That’s what I don’t understand.

That is what I meant? Right. So the outside values are wrong in this special case?

Can the Altitude thing have sth to do with the QNH? Maybe a mismatch between local vs Std QNH between the outside and internal view?

I see that, but the purple line and arrow shows that you’re plane is trying to follow a GPS plan and is 2.62 nm off track. The plane will in this case stay on the last healings and will not react to heading changes until the GPS plan is deactivated. LNAV will not be activate because you’re to far off the GPS track.

Correct. I turned off the “Hud” instrument display in the external view, as it seems that other aircraft besides the PMDG showed wildly-varying/incorrect data on that screen.