PMDG 737 pitch @ Cruise Alt

Anyone having a 3-5 degree pitch at cruise? Same with the Maddog X. That is with proper t/o trim and VNAV from FMC. Any solutions ? Thanks

Around 3° is pretty standard, it’s just the way planes are designed. If you’re getting closer to 5° though my initial guess would be you’re flying at too high of an altitude for the weight. I’d be curious what your cruise altitude was versus what the FMC shows for optimal cruise.

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I am constantly having 10%+ trim when at cruise level. I’m almost certain I have all the info entered. I have no clue why this is happening. If anyone could provide insight that would be great! As I am writing this, I am FL320 10% trim…

I don’t understand why you’re trimming the airplane in cruise. What are you expecting to see? Take off trim is usually higher than 3 units.

It’s not a matter of trim, it’s a matter of pitch attitude during cruise. I’ve been noticing high pitch angles for the B-737 PMDG during cruise and I’m still well below optimum cruise FL. There must be something to be fixed in this regard.

What pitch angles are you seeing? In the QRH PI you can find tables with the common pitch angles of the 737.

Figures like 5 degrees UP at optimum altitude as per the FMS.