PMDG 737 Release Plan Live

worth contemplating retirement!


May 9th it’s coming!

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Is the price known ?


There’s an ongoing discussion on this thread.:slight_smile:

And the price has not been mentioned yet.

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will it comes on marketplace at release?

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No, it won’t.

Finally,…thanks god, i m off on the 9th…lol
price… my guess…like the md80, around 90-100 euros…hopefully a bit cheaper, but regarding the complexicity of the aircraft, we can expect a high price…(i saved already accordingly)
Anyway, 2 nigthts to wait…

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The Xbox user I am can’t wait to be end of summer…

I hope you’re right but i guess it will be more than that as said earlier…
wait and see…even a high price, i m sure it will worth it…

I’m sure I’ve seen comments from pmdg which lead me to believe it might be cheaper then you think…it will still carry a decent price tag though I’m sure

hopefully…because i m not purchasing the md80 or BA146, just waiting for the price of the 737…i m having a budget…lol…thanks…if the price is right, i will get the md80 or 146…but which one…dont know yet…an advice ?

They still have an upselling option coming with -600 and -800 and maybe even cargo options.
So depending on the whole price model, it might be cheaper with the proposed bigger target audience than on other Sims.

Let’s wait and see :slight_smile:


I thought that each of the variants comes with 3 options, namely passenger, freight and business jet.

$69.95 USD I reckon. They’re holding the price back for a reason, probably build that hype to maximum level to get maximum profit. It won’t be “cheap” it’ll be around same price of a console game.


Hmm, didn’t see a cargo version, but didn’t follow it in all details.

Correct. That is what has been said by Rob.

Lets gooooo can I cry​:joy::sob:

There’s definitely been a cargo variant showcased at some point

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Looking forward to it. I need to re-learn it though. I have got used to FBWA320.

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