PMDG 737 - Wait for Marketplace?

why do you need the pmdg operations center dont they just go in the community folder? sorry I have no pmdg products only leonardo md80 fenix a320 and crj700

PMD liveries are generally installed via their Operations Center; they come in compressed archive file formats that are specific to PMDG (.ptp file extensions).

if it’s a ptp file go to Operations Center Livery utilities then select your plane and below you’ll see Install from ptp or something like that.
If the livery is not ptp, then it surely goes straight to community folder

I will wait for the marktplace sale, just to keep everything in one central place. Special if I reinstall everything, it is easy to get all back. I am not so die hard, that all most work perfectly anyway :slight_smile:


PMDG 737 for MSFS 001: Installation and Important First Run Notes - YouTube Look what he says about the Ops Center

Edit: Changed timestamp for video

That’s exactly it.

So does anyone have any idea when is it coming, now it’s been a month since the aircraft was released!

First we had to wait for the aircraft itself to get released, now we have to wait for marketplace release as well. :joy:

It can take around 13 weeks for a content to be released in the marketplace. I remember there was an airport that the developer has finished and submitted a finalised version of an airport to be released in the marketplace in October last year. And they already posted a social media post about it. Only for the actual airport to be available for purchase and download in January.

The sim even gone through multiple Sim/World updates before it was finally released, and a lot of us are worried that the version that the developer submitted for released was compiled for an earlier version of the sim, and worried that by the time the airport was released, we would already be running a different sim version and some things would have been broken on release.

Yes it makes sense, even in this case I think SU9 came after 737 was released. I just hope this isn’t the case for this one, it would be better if pmdg could give us a timeline.
I also have the DC6, I don’t think it took this much time for that to come to marketplace, there was a decent discount as well.

I don’t think even PMDG knows of any timeline, any content submitted through the marketplace are all in a queue. And how fast or how slow the processing of those queues are, depends on Microsoft marketplace team. It’s not an automated process, they all go through rigorous reviews, validation, quality checks and encryption processes so that even when the folders are copied to another computer, another user can’t use the same content even if the files are identical. Which is not the case for community folder-based addons.

So it’s literally out of their hands.


We fully intend to push it through marketplace, but we have asked Asobo to give us some input on resolving a few items before we do send it through that way. Marketplace has been a slow distribution network, but based upon vendor feedback and a desire to make it more responsive, Microsoft has done a very good job of speeding the cycle. I believe they will have it in Marketplace within 5 days of us submitting it to them- which is really quite excellent.

We are happy to see MS taking such a proactive stance on throughput- as that will improve the market reach as a whole."

This was the response given by a pmdg administrator on 16th may on their forum, and acc to this MS can process in 5 days. So the only question is, when are they going to submit.

Well there you go… there’s your answer.

Well not quite, because even 16th May was more than 20 days ago, but okay. Let’s wait I guess.

Robert at PMDG has also said in another post that they want to have a couple solid updates out to customers to address the biggest customer issues before submitting to the Marketplace since it takes longer for MS to process updates and push them out than PMDG can do themselves. But there has yet been only 1 update so far.

So I asked PMDG today, and they told me this again. Apparently they r waiting for some inputs from Asobo.

Come on Microsoft!! Many of us who want this awesome aircraft are waiting to buy it from marketplace!!