Pmdg 737

will the PMDG 737 be available in the Flight Sim store before Christmas?
Has anyone infos about the release date - in the last posts about the 737 this year in August they said “it´s fully functioning Beta version and will be released soon”…

When can I finally enjoy the 737 after watching the Mentour Pilot YouTube videos?

(Oh and I need to ask this question - will it be highest quality study level like we are used to enjoy from PMDG, or simple arcade stuff like this Captain Sim 777 atrocity which has a mixture of Jumbo Jet and Cessna stock gauges? I am really disappointed because Captain Sim always delivered top notch study level quality for decades.)

no, it will not


Not even a beta version to enjoy?

Highly unlikely…

They have even stopped giving a release date?
Wow that´s bad.
But the last time I have noticed that the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster is not in the Microsoft Store but this was announced too in September or so, that “the PMDG Cloudmaster is now available in Microsoft Store.”
I would really love to have a AAA study-level plane in this sim, but I cannot buy the Cloudmaster and there is no release date for the 737. This is really sad.

if this bird is so important for you, get PMDG for the other sim ! they are still selling for Prepar3D.

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I already thought about getting Prepar3D for the Captain Sim 757.

Not that arcade Captain Sim 777 with stock 747 gauges and that other arcade trash the oncoming 757 also equipped with stock Jumbo Jet gauges they again will again try to sell very soon to the arcade simpletons who fly a plane with outside camera for some laughter while doing loopings and crashes.

I even installed X-Plane to finally have a 737 (the Zibo version.)
Yes it would be truly fantastic to fly the 757/767 and the 737 because I have always flown Boeing since 2004.

But hmmm somehow I don´t want to pay 90$ for a strict-DRM sim with 15 year outdated graphics (Prepar3D is literally FSX from a graphics quality point of view) only usable as long as some 10.000 miles distant server allows some online licensing. :wink:

You could fly the Asobo 787 while your waiting I currently fly the stock 787 everyday now and have no real trouble with it…

HD 787 improves it even more.

I’d love to get the 737, but this sim isn’t ready for it. For me at least, the 787, & 747 has never been what I would call flyable. I have the CRJ, & it was good for a time, now with the last update, it has problems. These updates are like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get!

PMDG generally have a closed beta. Sometimes they announce when an aircraft enters beta but not always. The 737 has been pulled back from any release expectations as Asobo have to implement a couple of things (they know about it) but nobody can estimate when this will be. It could be January or October, nobody knows.

The DC6 has only been removed from sales on the xbox platform, again for reasons that are out of their hands, it should be available on PC and definitely at their store.

Aaah now there are some interesting news. PMDG needs to wait until Asobo implements some software (probably some enhancement module or script extender like FSX had) before they can continue development their precious masterpiece:

The pinnacle of excellence.

After updating the Flight Sim (the big update finished a few hours ago) I have seen that the PMDG DC-6 is in the Sim Market :slight_smile: now it´s the choice between the PMDG DC-6 or the Aerosoft CRJ700.
Two completely different machines… truly a difficult choice.

Oh and I don´t have the 787 because I have not bought the Flight Sim Deluxe Edition yet.

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