PMDG 737NG is Unavailable to buy for FSX

Does anyone happen to know why the PMDG 737NG is Unavailable to buy off the PMDG website?

I am guessing its not released yet, at least I have not seen any announcement for it and it does not appear to be listed at all on their website for MSFS2020.

It’s not even released yet, should be released in a few months.

Sorry, I meant to say for FSX

Because its ‘in development’ and so not ready to sell.

Ah for FSX. No idea🤔

Discontinued in advance of NG3, which will be releasing for FS2020 sometime next year. (Can still get the P3d version - NGXu, I believe)

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You need to buy PMDG 737 for FSX through the Aerosoft page. PMDG is not servicing it anymore.