Pmdg B737-600

Hi everyone. This is my first post and I just recently got msfs and I’m wondering if the PMDG B737-600 would be a good aircraft to buy am because I fly the max 8 and I don’t really want to spend $90 on the other version. Thanks!

The 600 is definitely the best bang for your buck. Having all the 73’s, the 600 is my most flown

It depends what you are looking for.

If you don’t care about which variant, like for a Virtual Airline, etc… Then the 600 is definitely the cheapest.

Keep in mind, the 600 is passenger variant only, again, if all you care about is PAX, again best option.

If you want Cargo variants or Boeing Business Jet, then you need to look into the 700 and 800.

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If you want an aircraft that is very authentic, you can’t go wrong with the PMDG series 737’s.
Head over heels better than the Bredok max8.


I do fly the 736 a lot too.

Like mention before, if you’re not into virtual airlines where you require certain type go with the 736. Great plane.

Benefit is that it’s easy to land on short runways too, that’s a lot of fun.


Thanks I think I’ll go with the -600 because I fly for westjet and if so ever do a virtual airline there’s a westjet livery so I can do that.


I remember when one of my buddies flew the last flight in a -600 before we retired them. They were pretty cool planes.

Also nice approach video👍


The -600 is great.

I dig operating covert flights for Janet.


I fly for SkyTeam virtual and it’s possible to submit a different plane than the given one, has to be within certain limits but it’s possible. That gives you a decent amount of options with the 736.

Go with that one and save the money for the 777 that’s coming up​:innocent::smirk:


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Ok thanks. Excited for the 777 :grin:

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