PMDG BBJ longest flight

Hello, I was testing BBJ’s range and so far flew 5200nm on route FAOR-ENGM :slight_smile: That was 12 hrs flight!
Here’s the screenshot on final approach - see the times:)
Is it possible to reach 6000nm?

You are dangerously low on fuel, if you had to go-around you’d be in trouble.

On the CDU there is a CRZ button. If you press that you then have a LRC option. Long Range Cruise. Every flight I have done so far has defaulted to Economy Cruise. LRC might get you a few extra miles. If I’m not mistaken, the CRZ page will tell you your range.

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Wow that’s a long flight

I’m also enjoying a lot this BBJ, you can do non standard routes opening plenty of possibilities, I just made a LSGG - KMIA.

I decided to stay with 8 auxiliary tank not 9, to keep a bit more room for the staff luggages :rofl:

Have a nice day.

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