I am aware that there is a channel currently turned off which the PMDG DC-6 benefits from for its performance boost.

Can anyone confirm if this is being fixed in the next update? If not, Do you know when?

Many Thanks.

A “channel”?
Are you referring to the changes made in the recent beta? There were some massive improvements (literally +100% framerate in several cases) there that sadly disappeared again.

@SPEEDBIRDlhr I think this thread is dead because people don’t know what you mean. I know I don’t.

One last item I want to touch on: I mentioned in my previous post that we had reported back to Asobo that in their last build prior to platform update, we saw a significant drop in performance in the DC-6. Continuing discussion with Asobo has shown that we weren’t not imagining this change- there was indeed a change made to the release version of the MSFS platform that took performance away from the DC-6.

Asobo indicated that they turned off a particular rendering channel because it needed more time in development to solve a few problems, and it just happens that the DC-6 benefits significantly from this particular channel- hence we saw the loss of performance in the release build. The good news, however, is that they were able to resolve the issues they were experiencing, and this channel is expected to be reactivated in a subsequent update from Asobo- and then you will see a pretty significant boost in performance with the DC-6…

I heard also that the DC 6 used a separate channel which helped with fps and at some stage one of the updates prevented its use.

So … I do know what the OP is referring to. However, unfortunately I don’t know whether the channel is now being used as it once was.

The PMDG forum or support is possibly the best way forward on this unless anybody else here knows :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Just seen the above post.

Interesting. I haven’t heard of the term render channel previously and can’t find much online, either… What it it?
I have a basic understanding of game engine programming (and 3D modelling and that kind of rendering, too). I’m mostly finding stuff about the latter when searching.
Only thing I can find is related to various output targets, e.g. Android, iPhone, WebGL, Direct3D and similar, but MSFS used and still uses DX11 so that can’t be it.

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Chris from PMDG posted an update regarding this rendering pipeline. Apparently you can enable this feature manually in Dev mode.

"You need to go to Options → General Options → Developers and set the Developer Mode to ON and save,

Then when you load the plane from the developer menu select Options use NanoVg for XML gauges.

Please note again that this is experimental so crashes or not correct flying experience might occur"


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Works fine. Stable for me.

Bumped my FPS up about 10 frames doing that, cheers.

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Wow, nice!
On ground I went from 37 to 52 fps (lows went from 29 to 44). At altitude from 39 to 57 fps (lows from 22
to 42).
Not as drastic as with SU5 where I gained literally 100%, but with lower terrain detail and pre-caching it might work out that way again.

Is this something that can be written in a .cfg file or does it need to be done for each MSFS start again?

The only problem it is that the developers mode has to be activated all the time,and flights are not gonna be registered

It is worth noting that in the future NanoVG will be the default renderer for both platforms (PC and Xbox).

Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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The PMDG DC-6 has absolutely terrible performance, so much that I stopped using it.

Switching to one of the Asobo planes feels like a completely different game. Of course one could say this is because of more calculations but something else is not right. It did not run like this when it was released.

I would also know what they mean with “channel”. I have 30 years experience with programming and never heard such a term, unless graphics runs through an emulator.

P.S. If I set this NanoVg nonsense through developer mode, will it stick or do I have to do it every time?

NanoVg? If a flight sim runs on top of web technologies it explains the experience we have.

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