PMDG DC 6 From Marketplace causing CTD even in hanger

I bought the dc 6 from marketplace(pc), it’s causing CTD whenever switching to cockpit, even in hanger. Anyone else facing this?

I am aware of the problems on x box, but I guess that’s not relatable.

I was waiting for it to come to marketplace and I was so excited, but not once I have been able to fly this aircraft.

I have tried switching off online functionality, emptying community folder and reinstalling the aircraft from content manager, nothing works. Any suggestions are welcome.

anyone anything

Do not use DX12 with the DC6, it is know to crash. Use DX11 only.

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Not had that issue personally. Still on DX11.

yes i m on dx11 itself

did u also buy from marketplace

Yup, marketplace version.

There was a thread somewhere recommending enabling dev mode and toggling “use nanovg for xml gauges” on in the dev mode options to boost FPS, maybe try that.

Restart the sim once you enable it otherwise the GPS buttons are unresponsive.

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Thank you so much, that worked, but again when I switched back to normal mode from dev mode, again I am getting the same problem, it crashes immediately just after switching to the cockpit.

So does that mean I will have to keep flying in dev mode or is there a workaround you are aware of.

Did you run PMDG Ops Center to verify that you have the latest version? I don’t know what version is in the marketplace, but it could be that it isn’t the latest. I had to reinstall recently and after downloading from PMDG and reinstalling, I then had to run Ops Center to upgrade to the latest version.

If that doesn’t help, you will probably have better luck getting support if you post in the PMDG forum.

I do not what that is, I will look into it and see what happens. Thank you

Yes for now until Nanovg becomes the default renderer you’ll have to keep Dev mode enabled, which disables the logbook. But at least you can fly and with a small performance boost as well.

Marketplace users don’t have access to PMDG’s Op Centre so disregard that.

I have looked into PMDG ops center, so it’s supposed to be installed automatically if you buy directly from PMDG. But I can not seem to find from where I can get the ops center if I have purchased from Marketplace. Can you please guide me about this.

Okay, thank you for saving my time. I was banging my head over this.

So that means you are also running with dev mode on or it’s just me. Because all I ever heard was so much praise for this aircraft, couldn’t even find a thread for this problem here.

Yeah I turned it on because it was struggling to get over 30 fps in cockpit view, now it’s running much smoother.

Probably best to only do this with the DC-6 for the time being in case it causes issues with other planes.

You could try asking PMDG directly
(You do need to make a support account to then create a ticket)

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I would suggest contacting the developer as @FlyingCookie650 posted.

All support for any 3rd Party products must be made to them.

I hope your issue gets resolved.

Is that true for purchases made from marketplace as well?

Anyways I have posted on pmdg forum too, let’s see if that helps, otherwise I will raise a ticket.

Hi @RajatSilver,
Yes, all content in the marketplace is 3rd Party except any labeled Asobo.