PMDG DC-6 Gyropilot switch moving but gyropilot not engaging

Hi all, I am trying to get the last switch for my SPAD profile for the PMDG DC-6 to work and for some reason i can’t get the gyropilot to engage. I have the correct switch bound but the gyropilot doesn’t engage. I assume i have to trigger something else along with the switch itself but am not sure what and through trying to connect the right thing havn’t come across what i need.

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Autopilot Mechanical Disconnect has to also be engaged to ON position according to the manual (page 71 of Introduction PDF). I also seem to remember reading somewhere that you have to wait two minutes after electrical power is first switched on to be able to engage autopilot as it takes that long for the gyros to stabalise.

I haven’t used the gyropilot at all yet so I’m only saying what it says there, zero experience on my part :slight_smile: (Actually, should do something about that)

sorry, i don’t think i made myself clear in what the issue is, i’ll rephrase it below.

The issue i am having is that on my saitek panel, i can flip a switch and the switch in sim moves but the gyropilot doesn’t engage. I am flipping them in the right order of gyropilot, mechanical interlock and then altitude (when i’m at the alt i want). If i flip them in the sim without using the saitek panel and instead using the switch, the gyropilot engages when i flip the mechanical interlock second. so i am missing something on SPAD at this stage when i flip the switch on my saitek panel.

Hope that clears it up a little.

Ahh, understood. No need to apologise though.

I’ve just gone and actually tried this for the first time in the sim with mouse/switches and works as expected and that was starting from cold and dark. So it definetly works in the sim.

I’ve not much experience with the panels and SPAD and am thinking you might try on the PMDG Forums as someone else must have come across this? This thread looks promising but beyond my level of understanding: MSFS DC-6 LVars for use with 3rd party flight controls such as Honeycomb Bravo Throttle - PMDG Simulations and this one: Saitek flight controls and panels - PMDG Simulations

you are an absoloute top banana! Thank you so much. The link you sent had an imgur link (linked below) that had the correct variables for me to change under “Send simulation event” in SPAD. I had to use ROTOR_BRAKE parameter 40401 in both the on and off position which somehow works perfectly.

Thank you for this, i’ve been looking on their forums for this for a long time and can’t believe i didn’t find that thread, thank you.

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Excellent. Glad I could help.

And I now also know how to use the gyropilot on the DC-6. :ok_hand: