PMDG DC-6 runs into ground

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The PMDG DC-6 just inexplicably gradually runs into the ground on approach to KDLH, Minnesota. Nothing seems to make the plane level off or increase in altitude; it just keeps going down.

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Take off from KMSP, keep in “GPS” autopilot mode until go to “APPROACH” mode when the runway is almost directly ahead.

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This is not a bug. This is a third party aircraft.


Hello @RarefiedDrop499

@BostonJeremy77 is correct. This is a third-party aircraft and Bugs & Issues is for stock sim concerns only. If this can be recreated using a stock sim aircraft, NavData and no mods, you can reopen the issue.

In the meantime, we’re moving this to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft.


Continuing on with this answer…
This is not a bug. The plane and autopilot (which it sounds like you are depending on to do more than it was designed to do) is working as designed. As always, read the manual and learn how to use the systems. I haven’t yet, so, sorry, I can’t help you more than that. Perhaps somebody else can pipe in who knows more details.

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I can’t really begin to help him because he hasn’t provided any details about what exactly he is doing or TRYING to do.


It sounds like @RarefiedDrop499 has stumbled into ‘The ememPilot Procedure’, where the GPS is flying an RNAV glideslope without indicating it is.

Rarified: when you’re around 500 feet high or so, in front of the runway, disconnect the autopilot and land manually. The airplane is on the glideslope and let’s say ‘it’s being pulled in’, but ‘autoland’ it’s not gonna do.


Thank you, emem. I think you are right. Will be testing that today.

I really appreciate this wonderful community!

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I was able to get a proper approach into LOWS, but I could not adjust engine power; it was stuck. I was GPS , then went to APPROACH. All was good, really. It’s just that I couldn’t adjust power…what gives? Was it that I didn’t take it out of auto-gyro? But you should still be able to adjust power settings while in auto-gyro, right?

If you were using the AFE you need to disable it or move on to the before landing checks before it will release throttle controls.

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Yes, i disabled AFE – throttle still stuck…the one thing I didn’t try to do was to drag the throttle levers with the mouse…afraid to do that because I don’t know if i can pull all of them at the same time?

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Hm, strange. The AFE also turns on the throttle lock, did you check there?

I haven’t found a mouse spot for all 4 throttles, just one at a time, so good move there :wink:

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Hmmm…yes, i need to look for the throttle lock in cases like that. I really appreciate all of your help! There are so many moving parts! What a great brain stimulator/way to avoid senility!

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Well, I just had a similar experience.

Nothing was responding anymore. I could hear the engine slowing down on the actions of the AFE, but the gauges were stuck (except on the left panel). And when I tried to take over, no response.

I managed to land but had to cut the engines (actually I landed by cutting two already in the air - we were going way too fast) after landing, cause even F1 didn’t respond. Full brakes, parking brake, then quickly turn off all the engines… I still slid off the runway. But I survived, to tell this harrowing story.

Now, I was also busy with changing the weather and testing a traffic mod and I had confused Jim by selecting different tasks quickly in succession. I do have the feeling this was ‘inflicted’ by messing around with the sim.

I don’t know. I hope this doesn’t happen again.

Well that’s certainly an option!

I do remember hearing all kinds of scary clicks when I panned around too quickly. God knows what I switched on accidentally.

But how could Jim slow down the engines then… hmmm… a logic bug! He should disengage the lock first.

Successful landing at KDEN (Denver)! Video to follow. :slight_smile: She requires a slow, gentle touch. This time the throttle remained accessible to me…don’t know of it’s certain ILS systems that would cause the throttle lock-up (such as KDLH)?

Here is the video (It starts out fuzzy but gets better at about 36 seconds into the video, and then even better at about 50 seconds in):


FYI, I successfully landed at KDLH, but it was UGLY…alive though.

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Welcome to the club of Really Bad DC-6 Pilots… they survive their DC-6, but nobody wants to see them do it…

If It Aint Ugly It Was An Airbus (motto of the club)… I’m president… I just had another horrific one too :slight_smile:

The one you have on video isn’t bad though… so not sure yet if you should become a member…


First thing to check is the throttle lock if they don’t respond. If you are taking over from the AFE it may have been set on at some point and by skipping the next checklist and flying yourself he won’t have unlocked them. The lever is by the throttles themselves.

Not saying it’s not a bug! But I’ve flown the DC-6 quite a bit and the only ‘bugs’ I’ve encountered are the ones I’ve caused myself.

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I think if the throttle is locked with the actual lever, it’s probably self-inflicted. I do not see it switch on when Jim is operating.

Strangely, despite that, the throtlles are locked if he’s running the show. The lock isn’t engaged, but the throttles are not responding.

I’m not sure how to interpret all that… is it a graphical bug? Should the lock be engaged? Or is this by design?

There might be bugs if you confuse the AFE enough… perhaps you could end up with locked throttles without them showing the actual lock. I will keep my eye on it a bit more in a next flight.

I think if he is operating the throttles are ‘in his hands’ and you are denied control until you turn him off. I usually wait until he is definitely finished doing his checklist, wait another minute or so then turn him off and I always get full control back. You’re right about the potential for bugs to creep in with the AFE being switched on and off though - probably the most likely cause of any remaining bugs.