PMDG DC6 ant-icing heaters not working


Can anyone tell me how to get the fuel pressure up for tail and wings? Cabin has very low fuel pressure, tale and wings heaters have none. All switches needed are on. Startup and everything else is done by the automatic flight engineer.

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have you checked in the EFB if you have fluids? The plane has a limited ammount of deice in it, something like 20 minutes i believe

seems to be fine, all topped up. Can’t get the fuel pressure to rise for the de-icing system. There seems to be no fuel going to the heaters…

Have you looked in the POH for the procedure to get de-icing operative? Pages 124-125 cover operation. I haven’t tried operation yet, but looking forward to it. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!



I’ve had the same issue, where all was well with the heating elements, then they were not. Could have to do with fuel source? I had to change tanks “after the fact” (not good), as was thinking that the system automatically switched to Aux tanks when mains were out–it does not).

That’s all I could figure, all else seemed find, but I had lost all heating elements.

Check for blown fuses :sunglasses:

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You may be on to something there. IIRC the fuel source for the heaters are the main tanks… yet another reason to use alternate tanks first once you’re established in cruise… :slight_smile:


I tried activating after start up and when entering cruise. No fuel pressure. Not on mains, not on aux. The POH doesn’t really say anything specifically to get it operational either. Nobody has this problem?

This is right now, after having done the update today, after AFI having done the before take off checklist, after having checked if I didn’t accidentally trip a circuit breaker somewhere… Still no fuel pressure going to wing and tail heaters. Am I really the only one having this problem?

Tried to reproduce this failure. Only one way to get it looking like ur screen is to turn off 2 fuses. Engines running, main fuel selected , cross feed active.

Tap the gauges :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for checking it out. The fuses were in the on position, I switch them all to off and on again, but didn’t change the issue. I think maybe I should reinstall the plane or something, because it seems nobody else is having this issue.

Could you tell me the expected behaviour that I should see?
For example: is it normal that when I do the after start check, there is already fuel pressure for the cabin, albeit very low (±5 psi), nowhere between the 2 red lines?

I checked the de-icing systems video on the PMDG youtube channel as well and he just flipped the airfoil heater master switch on and up went fuel pressure and temps…


just figured it out. I had a lone command for anti-icing still mapped to one hardware switch on my honeycomb quadrant…