PMDG MARKETPLACE DC-6, What's available?

I’ve been mulling purchasing this aircraft from the Marketplace. Can someone speak purely about what comes with this aircraft as far as, documentation, liveries, and support? I’m more leaning to buy it directly from PMDG. I am flying MSFS on a PC.


The manuals can be gotten here

According to PMDG, they will release a PMDG Operations Center version that recognices the marketplace Version on PC, so you can get all liveries that they have. (Not sure how many are included in the marketplace version, as they have like 30+ liveries for both DC-6 variants combined via PMDG Op Center.)

They also have a Youtube channel which has 20 Tutorial vidos for the DC-6, good to check those out.

best way for support is their support ticket system Portal - PMDG Simulations
they answer rather quickly.

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Many thanks. I’m waiting on their flagship 737, but will consider this. I like the Marketplace because updating seems more straight-forward, and can be done inside the title.

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I would strongly suggest buying directly from the PMDG website. Support is excellent, and updates are assured to be timely.

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Buy it directly from PMDG. You will not regret it.


yeah definitely go directly to PMDG if you haven’t purchased yet. They are extremely fast to react if an update breaks something, something that you can’t say about the marketplace.