The fact that you checked my posts for typos, is - in itself - very sad.

And me thinks you’re exaggerating anyways, innit !

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rsrandazzo from PDMG wrote:

Well, that clears it up. So it’s not an SDK issue anymore. The SDK has all the tools for PDMG to create the study level aircraft they are targeting for MSFS.


In one hand we have a statement made that the sim ‘will ultimately become a console game for arcadey play’ , which is in distinct contrast to the comments of Rob Randazzo who stated that PMDG were bringing their full product line to this sim.

Now, given that PMDG’s aircraft are up there at the very top of the ‘study level’ tree, they didn’t see the sim and SDK last summer being where it needed to be for them to produce what they do at the level they do, but now don’t see any major limitations in doing so, I’d argue that they aren’t seeing MSFS as ultimately becoming an arcadey console game, completely the opposite from where I’m sat and having read the article in full.

Still, each to their own on what they want to believe between a subjective opinion in a forum post or straight from the horse’s mouth, but I know which one I’m going with as a safer bet.

Anyway, no Pope doing a facepalm photos this time around to potentially offend someone :roll_eyes: so I’ll leave it as good to see the update from PMDG, looking forward to seeing further updates in due course. :v:


I think our (subjective) opinion and what we believe is very much determined by the degree to which we are willing or not wiling to walk away from this sim and find another a substitute hobby or pleasure in live.

So what is the news? We have established a hello world.

Nothing, as always, pmdg at its best - a page of text ultimately meaning nothing.
(don’t misunderstand me - I mean, nothing we didn’t know already).


That’s not exactly the way I read Randazzo’s statement. “no major limitations” does not mean “no limitations”. i.e. the SDK ia srill a limitation but he doesn’t want to point fingers at Asobo.

Also he has not given any clearer indication as to when the 737 might be released. In fact, it now seems somewhat muddier as to if its going to be this year or next year. He now has more information than he had last fall, there are no “major limitations” to development but he can’t be more specific about the timetable? Doesn’t really wash. But that’s Robert.

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Correct - when they said “the SDK is not good yet, so we’ll have to delay release to late 21 to early 22” that implies that meanwhile the SDK will improve, right? So, no news.

My 2 cents:

I understand some are saying it is no news, but to me this is great news!

As a matter of fact, not long ago I’ve written:

Now that the CRJ is released, Asobo can allocate more time with PMDG. And the immediate result is that it raises their confidence they can progress to finalization and maybe release their first FS2020 airliner even sooner than expected.

Of course this raises other questions, because they were not confident releasing their airliner any time sooner so far, until Asobo finished helping Aerosoft with the CRJ. Does it mean other vendors can’t be confident releasing their own products until Asobo is finished helping PMDG this time? Does it also mean without the direct assistance and daily work with Asobo developers, other vendors won’t be able to make any “complex” product as fast, if ever they can? And lastly, when will Asobo document the new facilities, if any, they have had to code specifically for supporting the CRJ, and the other projects they are directly working hand-in-hand with?

Nevertheless, this shows when Asobo is directly collaborating with 3rd party vendors, answering their concerns, and eventually enhancing the SDK for specific 3rd party developers needs, some great stuff can happen to the franchise and this is great news for the simmers.


It’s always nice to be (repeatedly) proven right. I wonder what excuses the haters will use now to bash the sim, with the ground being gradually pulled from under their already shaky feet.

Actually. It seems that looking at this thread, some have moved from misinterpreting and overblowing Mr. Randazzo’s quotes to outright denial.

Incidentally, to those who say that he wasn’t clear about the timeline, plain English understanding says that the guidance is now “softer” than “very late 2021” which means Randazzo expects to be able to release a bit before then even if he’s not ready to give dates.


Did you even read the post? At all?

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It’s called denial. :joy:

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Yes they did. What makes you think otherwise? PMDG literally posted screenshots of their modeled 737 inside MSFS back in June. The release was in August.

PMDG has been hard at work since at least last summer. I’m very excited for this news! Sounds like things are moving forward pretty quickly!

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Indeed. Mr. Randazzo himself mentioned a while ago that he was preparing to literally move a sizable part of his team to Asobo’s offices and the only reason why that didn’t happen is the pandemic.

It’s pathetic to see how much he has been misquoted and outright maliciously used to bash this sim by some.

Those who say “no news” either have issues understanding plain English or they’re simply in denial.

Mr. Randazzo very explicitly said that the view that MSFS isn’t ready for PMDG is an outdated view. There aren’t two ways about it. It’s honestly hilarious to see the failed attempts to underplay this announcement.


Incidentally, I have a feeling that many who have been demanding study-level aircraft in MSFS aren’t nearly ready to walk that walk.

The sheer amount of people who purchased the CRJ while completely unprepared, are unable to follow a step-by-step tutorial, and concluded that “it doesn’t work” tells me that the day of the release of PMDG’s 737 will be hilarious

“professional streamers” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This is great news. I do think that RR is being cautious in time commitments (understandably)… I also am free to speculate (and please DO only take this as speculation) that there may have been a few catalysts to this update, which RSR would never say (nor should he)…

  1. It just MIGHT be that Aerosoft’s release serves as a catalyst to “we gotta hurry up and get on that too” - not that they didn’t plan on it to begin with.
  2. I have NO EVIDENCE of it, but 777 update for v5.1 of P3D may not have been as strong of a seller as they anticipated it to be. (I own their 747 and 737 product lines for P3D v5.1 but have not purchased the 777 - simply because now I am less inclined to spend any more on P3D).
  3. Once PMDG’s first aircraft hits MSFS, it JUST MIGHT be a final nail in Lockheed’s P3D coffin. That coffin gets nailed shut completely once Quality Wings and A2A come, because they are also both well on the way.
  4. LM’s policy of keeping a tight lid on P3D updates and development isn’t doing them any favors. No one knows if/when 5.2 is coming, though I expect it is. One thing is clear - they gotta do SOMETHING drastic to keep that platform alive.
  5. Considering the number of threads on CRJ’s “it doesn’t work”, I shudder to think the amount of threads on things like “my PMDG won’t fly with AI pilot, shame on PMDG” and “have they gone INSANE with this pricing???” that will appear once that aircraft is released.

That’s enough speculation. :wink: Congrats to Aerosoft, PMDG, and Asobo/Microsoft.


How about Quality Wings 787? They mentioned they are expecting it to be middle this year. I think they are also getting help from Asobo.
Anyway, I think the help circle has expanded, I am pretty sure Hans is helping PMDG a lot with the experience he got.

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The arrogance on their forums can be obnoxious at times.

I am also thinking the same about this. Even some of the loyal PMDG fanboy were hesitant to get that 77.72$ expansion, what about the other mass. One thing I am pretty sure, Aerosoft made ■■■■ load of money out of the CRJ and Mr.K shared that with RSR (they are besties) and RSR business man who knows where the money is and he is gotta go after that.
However, there is one developers that is like really silent mode, FSLabs. They are now gearing up for that Sharklets hype that took them years to do (I think they write one line of code per day it seems) and I doubt if it will make breaking sales comparing to their previous expansions