PMDG no code-revised

I keep trying to download the dc-6 product from PMDG. It tells me to have a code sent, but i never get the email. Frustrating!

  • bob

Have you checked your spam folder?

Yes, i did. I didn’t have this problem multiple times before.

Probably your airplane is lost forever and no one can help you. They will insist in “the code has been sent to you” an end of story. No refund whatsoever.

But what you can do is subscribing to a new mail provider like Google Mail or Hotmail or something, and write to PMDG that you please want the registration code to be sent again to your new e-mail adress.

Maybe this time you will get the correct mail… maybe not. I hope it works out for you!

Open a support ticket over at PMDG and they’ll get you sorted.


Maybe try the PMDG forum instead of the MSFS forum?


As noted above, contact PMDG via their support channels. The MSFS forum isn’t support for 3rd Party addons. Thank you.