PMDG Operationscentre not connecting for days now?

I’m not sure if you have the same issue - for me - I can’t connect with the operations centre to check for updates or liveries… Is it possible that PMDG is down for days now?


I have the same!

Go to:

C:\Users****\AppData\Roaming\PMDG\PMDG Operations Center

and double click ‘OpsCenterUpdater.exe’

Apparently PMDG in their wisdom make changes on server side before they updated the client software.


Thanks mate - just found that in their forum. But hey - it’s 2024 - they really rely on manual updates? That’s insane… Why can’t they - like millions of apps - push an update automatically?

Normally Operations Center is able to connect to PMDG servers and notify you about a new update. I don’t know what they did this time, but somehow blocked Operations Center from accessing the server before they pushed a new update. It happened already once or twice in the last 12 months and they didn’t learn.


Must be the “Boeing-Virus” that makes learning hard… And that comes from a Boeing Fanboy. Man I really want to like this company but they make it hard lol.

Just found on their forum the issue was caused by some certificate. Probably expired and someone forgot to renew it.

This did not work for me, I still get the error.

Try this

An automatic update would not have solved this unfortunate certification issue because knowing it’s outdated means you have to be able to connect. It was a stupid issue for which we apologize.

If the advise given here did not solve the issue, make a ticket at, and we’ll assist.

Mathijs Kok


I had that problem too. Still didn’t work after I updated. My desktop short cut icon was corrupted. Made a new shortcut and all was good.

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Can confirm a manual update, then relaunch, solved the issue for me.

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Not sure what solved ot for me. I was trying different things and it started to work again.

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