PMDG737-800, GSX and not getting stairs


I have an issue whereby when i call for stairs using GSX i get the rear stairs for my 737-800 but not the front stairs. The front door opens but i dont get any stairs. I canuse the air stairs but i dont want those.

When on the ground (and this occurs) open GSX settings and check to see if the stairs are set for front and back for that location.

Could be a profile issue.

what do i need to change? im using the pyrguee scenery at EGAA with the GSX profile

Not the GSX Settings themselves, but within the sim, GSX Menu, you should have an option (forget what it says) to configure that location. It’s your GSX Airport profile basically.

I will say this happens at any airport at any stand so I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong.

Open Airplane Customization dialog from GSX menu, click on front door #1 and untick Embedded Stair. See page 62 of the manual for more details.

Or enable embedded stairs in PMDG FMC and extend them manually before calling GSX services. Some liveries have them enabled by default, some don’t.

Thanks fixed the issue.