POI Marker Won't Go Away

This has never happened before but I have the POI from my departure airport showing and it won’t go away despite how far away I get. Anyone else seen this?

In fact, as a troubleshooting technique I just turned off all POI markers, airports, fuana, etc. and this one is still showing!!!

Did you turn off from the settings >Assistance? Im assuming you have. Some use the world map to turn off certain filters. just checking.

I have same issue and I the the setting off in assistance yesterday, but it is still showing today!

Yeah, I only ever had the markers on because it’s a nice feature to show things that I would have otherwise missed, but this one is very annoying. I’m over 100 miles away and that thing is still bouncing around in my peripheral vision. I use TrackIR which seems to make it even more annoying as I move my head and it follows me everywhere. It’s only the departure airport marker. All the other markers come and go, but not this one.

I think I figured it out. I asked ATC for the taxi to runway and then ignored the instructions. The taxi destination was never reached and the POI for that shows forever. That should be a bug fix, after in the air it’s no longer necessary.


It was frustrating me as well. I turned it off by going to Assistance and adjusting the main overarching assist level to “True to Life.” Gone.

Yeah, but I do like to have them as cool reference points. You have to remember to actually go to the POIs that are requested when talking to ATC or they will never disappear. Kind of a bummer but that’s just the way it works for now.

I’m having the same issue. Sometimes I get a persistent departure airport POI, and sometimes I don’t. Do you have the taxi ribbon enabled? Another thread suggested to pause the game and disable the taxi ribbon to make the POI go away. Given the current state of the game’s stability, I’m reluctant to pause in flight and make adjustments. But this persistent POI is annoying enough that I will give disabling the taxi ribbon in game a try next time it appears.

Same - this drives me absolutely insane. It works well at airports which have ATC, but the smaller airports where you’re just announcing that you’re taxiing, it never gets rid of it. So infuriating.