POI selection

Hello there

There was a recent interview with Asobo where the german guy (forgot his name - he is the head dev or maybe head studio) was talking about how they are putting a lot of effort when selecting the POI’s for the different region.

And here I am, flying alongside the coast of Florida:

  1. Osborne Reef - POI: There is no reef mask - it’s just blue water :wink:
  2. Restaurant Mai Kai - POI: So, there is a POI for a restaurant… Hmm - must be world famous then?

I wonder what he meant with “it takes me month’s to decide” and “I am talking with many peoploe” before we decide. Not sure if that happened with USA lol…

P.S.: I’m not US - Citizen myself - just wondering…

Nevermind - just passed Cape Canaveral and - well - there is “nothing” but a couple of flat buildings. I guess this was not worth to create a POI…

I’t not that would be a major POI in Florida or so ^^

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