Points Of Interest: Norway ~ 150kts

Join us to explore some points of interest around Oslo Norway.
Aircraft: Bonanza G36 or any that can cruise around 150kts
Friday February 3rd @ 9pm EST on USA West server.
All welcome, casual flight. Join our Discord if you would like to voice chat (optional).
Discord: msFlights.net
Flight Conditions: All Players, Live Traffic, Custom Weather: 3pm, Live Weather or Few Clouds if bad
Flight lead: Lazerbolt

Hey pilots! Join us Friday night as we see the sights of Norway in our Beechcraft Bonanza’s.

We will be flying the Bonanza G36, but any aircraft that can maintain 150 knots indicated will be fine.

Server: West US
Weather: Few Clouds preset
3pm in game local

Friday’s flight plan is as follows:

Landvetter Departure (ESGG)
Rorkarr (ESGU)
Rygge AB (ENRY)
Gardermoen Oslo (ENGM)

A handy .PLN flight plan file can be found below:
Oslo POI Bonanza 03.PLN

Join us Friday for this beautiful flight around Norway!

Happy landings,

My apologies: I was the “silent lurker” tagging along behind you guys. I am still very new to this multiplayer thing so I could not get my microphone to work on Discord: will have to get that sorted out before the next flight. I was also late to the party because I was faffing around getting multiplayer set up etc etc so I did not even get around to picking up my modded version of the Bonanza that I always fly, so none of my standard shortcuts etc. were applied. So all in all I started off REALLY badly!

But I very much enjoyed the flight: I like the smallish number of clearly like minded people that know each other flying together at least semi-formally, understandably and predictably while communicating well. My one and only previous attempt at a multiplayer event was with a ton of people and I found it rather chaotic for a newby.

It sounded like most of the group are out east while I am on the left coast, so the timing works well for me as well. I will be watching out for this group and if you do not mind I would like to tag along again some time. With a working microphone next time though! :smile:

Thanks to the group: I enjoyed watching and learning!

No worries, we don’t mind if people tag along without a mic! We usually do the flight every Friday, thanks for coming along, stop by whenever you can. A bunch of us are from east coast but we do have some west coast ones also.