Poll: Nvidia 497.09 Experience [Update: 497.29 drivers with fixes available now]

MSFS2020 is the most volatile piece of software I’ve ever had on my PC

Even the loading screens seem to take for ever & my PC ssd/32gb/i9 etc whizzes through every other life of software


Hey ladies and gents, this is a special moment for me…I just installed the 497.09 driver…

I started the sim, DX11 mode, picked Cessna 172sp for a spawn at my local airfield, pressed FLY - and soon after during the loading screen my simulator crashed for the first time in my life…since I have MSFS since October 2020.

Oh well…another one bites the dust…my Perfectly Stable Sim-Simmers race is almost extinct… :laughing:

It just exits…no, it cleanly and silently disappears. Without a trace. As if nothing happened. Not even a sound, not a single leftover process, nothing…I even caught myself in a dilemma “did I really start the sim, or was it all just a mirage, a fairytale, a flashback sort of thing…”…

It’s not a CTD - it’s DTD (Disappearance To Desktop) !
What an experience… :laughing:

I switched to DX12 and it works excellent now woow - but the latency thing drives me crazy, you know…it’s not the classic stuttering.
It feels as if sometimes your mouse accelerates when you move your viewpoint. For example, you wanna take a look at your 2 o’clock, then suddenly you end up looking out of your own ■■■…kinda thing… :confused:

What do you think is the best way forward at least for this evening?
Anyone know of any tricks to alleviate the existing DX12 issues?

Windows 10 Pro x64
21H2 + latest WUS update applied as of 12-02-2021
Ryzen 5900X
Asus X570
DDR4 64GB 4200MT/s
GeForce 3080Ti

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Ejecutándose en Windows 11 con una instalación limpia y simplemente obteniendo CTD. Ver manchas azules apareciendo alrededor del suelo.

Since 497.09

DX11: Can’t even load in a flight, CTD while loading

DX12: Works no CTD

Looks like these issues have been logged over at nVidia.

[DX11]Microsoft Flight Simulator may crash to desktop during gameplay [3454519]
[DX11]Microsoft Flight Simulator may intermittently display purple artifacts on the ground textures [3454530]


I recommend that you fill out their feedback form to let them know how widespread these issues are.


Hi all, first post here as I’ve only had the game for a few days. The game has had no additions, it is plain vanilla, the only changes have been control mapping.

The first two days, everything worked fine. The third day I updated to 497.09 and the problems started. Initially I could get to the runway and then it CTD when I tried to look around in the cockpit. Subsequently, I couldn’t get past loading screens and it never fully launched. I downloaded an earlier driver and it has worked fine since then.

GTX1660, Windows 11, Direct X 11. I have voted in the poll.

Me as well

CTDs (never had them before) and blue squares in scenery for me too so rolled back to previous driver version and voted as above.Use a 1060 6gb card.

DX11, RTX 2070. I see blue patches on the ground in every flight, but so far no CTD. Last flight took 3 hours and I saw blue patches since first minutes. When I turned the camera view away from patches and then looking at the same place, sometimes blue patches dissapeared.

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How meaningful can this poll be without knowing what Gen GPU a user is running?

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Blue squares just like mine

Ryzen 5900x
RTX 3080
32gb ram
Windows 11

Dx11 instant CTD

Dx12 bad performance with lots of stuttering but no ctd

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I returned to old drivers. An hour lost to solve the problem.

windows 11 and updated nvidea, every flight a CTD. Cant reproduce the time/circumstances of the CTD.
Yesterday, i managed 1 flight without issues. So for me its completly random. Have also (blue patches) issues in other games.

Intel i7 11700K
RTX 3070 TI @ 1440p
32gb ram
Windows 11

I installed the new driver and tried a few other games and applications first with no issues at all.

In MSFS using DX11 it had excellent visuals and was very smooth but I did notice a couple of the blue / purple artifacts. They were smaller and less numerous than in the screenshots above, and did not appear in every flight but were definitely present.

Switching to DX12 I repeated the same test flights, and there were no blue squares and also far less of the downsides previously noted with DX 12 compared to 11. For me on my pc it had arguably slightly better visuals than DX11 with no really appreciable fps hit, but it did still have some very small stutters that didn’t happen with 11.

It may be that these stutters with DX 12 could be further reduced by tweaking LOD’s, but the above is purely about the effects (for me) of the new driver and no other changes.

Had a few CTD with new game driver and then I installed the STUDIO DRIVER and so far so good.

My wish is that Asobo will now focus on fixing the weather servers once and for all … and the showcase (drone) camera that tilts over time and needs a reset every time you press INS.

PS: … and yes, the stutters micro pauses since SU7 too.

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I had the exact same problem. Changing it back to old driver 496.76 fixed my problem.


After reading the above posts, I was a bit reluctant to try the 497.09 driver.
Lo and behold, my experience has vastly improved, not only in MSFS, but also in X-Plane 11 and in DCS with the new 497.09 driver.
In MSFS I now fly in VR with a solid 40 fps with my Valve Index at 120 hz. Same in XP11. In DCS, I even get 60 fps.
What a pleasant surprise overall. So far no CTDs.
Win 10 pro
i9-10900k @ 5 Ghz
32Gb RAM @3000
DX 11

The OP really should have had an option for better experience in his poll.

After updating the driver to 497.09, I could never get MSFS to load (stuck on splash screen). I stopped using the Google ground texture program, and MSFS loaded with no issues. However, I received an error something along the line of “Application is blocking your hardware…” and I would get a CTD. Anyone else? Edit: I rolled back to the previous driver and have no issues.

Using dx11 cod before flight loaded.

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