Poll taken on the U5 and HotFix in Avsim

I took a poll of how users see the update and hot fix in avsim.
The result is pretty interesting.
bear in mind that less than 2% of users read or post on the avsim forum.
But I do think this is indicative of how these updates are seen and experienced.


Meh, kinda like the old flightsim_dot_com. Doesn’t apply these days.

So there’s literally not even an option to say “better frame rate and no issues”? Wow.

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At Avsim it’s hard to tell the spoilt children from the grumpy old men acting like spoilt children.


Always find it funny how people here rag on about avsim and are quick to dismiss them.

When infact they are probably doing the same they are accusing avsim off, something pot, kettle… i forgot how it went.

Just ignore them if you don’t like em, in the end they are enthusiasts enjoying (mostly) the same thing as people do here…

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Too small a population size? I supposed there are over a million users…may not be representative…

Forum polls never are representative because:

  1. There’s self-selection: people select themselves to answer a poll leading to all kinds of biases
  2. The sample size is often too limited
  3. The questions and answers often do not adhere to scientific standards

They’re worthless, but they might have a lot of entertainment value. That’s why (reader) polls appear in (online) media all the time.

I agree with most of the above statements. Somewhat.
I do find the result very representative of AvSim sentiment though.
About 15-20% of the posters “negative” comments on the forum, make most of the noise.
There is somewhat of a silent majority 80% really that don’t hate the update or even like it.
I don’t think this is news to anyone but it sort of confirms my feelings about the apparent outrage on the forums.
No doubt there are some bugs in this release, but I am sure they will be fixed just like has happened with any major update of this sim and others as well.
What is interesting to me anyway, I can identify who the “I am leaving for…” posters. They are also some of the most active posters on the forum. This also confirms my suspicions.
I thought this was a fun exercise. I state right up front that this is not a scientific poll at all, on the poll as well. It is more of an indication of behavior on the forum.
These are just my thoughts, as with all things your opinion may/will differ and that is great.

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